The most mysterious anonymous writer, Elena Ferrante, is said to be a real man

The most mysterious "anonymous writer Elena · Ferrante is said to have found the reality of Italy" the anonymous writer Elena · Ferrante (Elena Ferrante) the true identity of contemporary literature may be the biggest secret. Published in the name of the "Naples series" in recent years, the rapid rise in the world, becoming a phenomenal work. The guardian has reported that the anonymous author changed the minds of people in the southern city of Naples, Italy, dangerous, dirty impression. Well known, the author has never appeared, causing widespread public interest. From the same Italy investigative journalist Claudio · Getty decided to give the third degree. In the latest report, he claimed that through economic clues verification, Italy translator Anita · Raha is actually "Ferrante". Full of wit "friends" (L’amica Ge? NiAl, 2011) "new name story" (Storia del Nuovo cognome, 2012). "People and people left the story" (Storia Di Chi fugge e Dichi resta, 2013) "the lost children’s story" (Storia della Bambina perduta, 2014 Elena · Chinese) version of the Naples series of novels of Ferrante will be published by the 99 scholars, is still in the editor. Elena · all of the novels of Ferrante took place in Italy, Naples. From the beginning of 2011, Ferrante has published 4 Novels: "friends" full of wit (L’amica Ge? NiAl, 2011), "the new name" (Storia del Nuovo cognome story, 2012), "escape the people and people left the story" (Storia Di Chi fugge e Dichi resta, 2013) and "the lost children’s story" (Storia della Bambina perduta, 2014), about two poor girls grew up in Naples in 1950s of the story, not only on the "New York Times" 2015 annual top ten books list, has won many awards. Ferrante uses her unique and passionate perspective on the past, let the whole world of fans including novels and even led to the subsidence; Naples’s tourism hot, even some pizza sold from the Ferrante ". However, early in the 1991 issue of "dangerous love" before the debut, Ferrante will not engage in propaganda that sent a letter to her editor, "if the value of this book and some, that’s enough. I’m not going to take part in the forums and seminars. I’m not going to win the prize. I don’t want to sell this book, especially not on TV, whether it’s in Italy – or should it be abroad?. I will only be involved in writing,"相关的主题文章: