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India we have the tradition of following the Spiritual Master and treading the true path as instructed by Him. People of other countries ask why so much importance is given to the Spiritual Master in India? Before .mencing any work, we say, Shri Sadgurucharan Kamalebhyo namah: I salute the lotus feet of the Master. In India, we pray to the Master because we give great significance to Spiritual Knowledge and that is acquired only from the Spiritual Master and none else. That is why the Spiritual Master is so important. It is said- Guru ko kijiye dandavat, koti koti pranam. Keet na jane bhring ko, guru karlen ap saman. Prostrate to the feet of the Master, salute Him millions of times. An ordinary insect does not know the bhringi wasp which transforms it into another bhringi like itself. Likewise the true living Spiritual Master makes an ordinary devotee like Himself by imparting the Knowledge of the Holy Name and Divine Light to him. The Master alone illuminates our life, which was earlier dark and ignorant of the truth, and makes us like Himself. Man does not know his real form because he is ensnared in the web of worldly desires and attachments. He thinks that he is very weak and impoverished and there are a lot of short.ings in him, but our saints said that if a man .es into the shelter of the true Spiritual Master, then merits and virtues develop in him and his importance is enhanced many times over. When a diamond is taken out from a mine it has no lustre, it does not have any reflecting power, but when an expert diamond cutter cuts and scratches it, then dazzling light emerges from it. That light is divided into different colours. Likewise, saints say that if you do not know yourself, then you are like an uncut diamond. But when a person acquires Spiritual Knowledge and takes shelter in the Spiritual Master, he also starts emanating brilliance. In other words, by the grace of the Master, Divine Light manifests within him. Only the true Spiritual Master talks about the real form of a human being. After acquiring the Knowledge, when a devotee meditates, then the whole spiritual world manifests within him. The same knowledge has been described in our religious scriptures and it is said that the reality of the whole creation is this Power alone and there is no point and place where this energy is not present. Guru Dronacharya wanted to explain the same thing to his disciples. He gave a stick to each of the five Pandava brothers and asked them to break it where no one would see them. Four of them found isolated places and broke the sticks but Arjuna did not break his. Guru Dronacharya asked, Arjuna, why havent you broken your stick? Arjuna replied, Master, I could not find anywhere isolated enough. Even if there werent any other people around, I was seeing myself. The Almighty is present everywhere. He is omnipresent. That is why it is said- Har jagah moujood hai, lekin najar ata nahin. Yog sadhan ke bina, koi use pata nahin. He is omnipresent yet not visible to the physical eyes. No one can find Him without meditation. So, to know the Almighty, it is essential to take shelter in the living Spiritual Master and He alone reveals God to a true seeker, with the help of the Knowledge. Our great saints and sages always prayed first of all to the Master. It is said- Je sau chanda ugawen, sooraj charhahin hazar. Aita chandan hondiyan, guru bin ghor andhiar. Even if hundreds of moons and thousands of suns should rise, despite all this light you would remain in the dark without Guru. By the grace of the Master alone, we realise the secrets of Spiritual Knowledge. You will get nothing without the Spiritual Master. So, it is said- Rakapati shodas ugen, taragan samuday. Sakal girinha dav laiye, ravi bin rain na jay. Even if innumerable moons and clusters of stars rise in the sky and all the forests are set on fire, the darkness of night is not removed without sunrise. Our saints said that a man must go to the shelter of the enlightened, the living Spiritual Master. Observing the same tradition, Lord Krishna went to Sandipan Rishi, Lord Shri Rama went to Guru Vashishtha. In other words, our great divine personalities also took shelter in the living Spiritual Master of their time. Now, we should strive to know what the Master gives. There are many types of masters in this world. Even a driving teacher is called ustad (master). One who teaches us how to read and write is known as a teacher. Thus, those who teach different subjects, such as how to earn our livelihood, how to work in any particular post or rank; one who teaches art, mathematics, English, etc. are all known as masters. In the same way, the one who imparts the Knowledge of the Truth is called the Spiritual Master. So, we must take shelter in the Spiritual Master while we are alive. A person tends to postpone good work until tomorrow. In other words, if you tell him to go and listen to the Spiritual Master, he will say that he will think about it and, so saying, one day his human life .es to an end. That is why it is said- Aj kahe main kal bhajoon, kal kahe phir kal. Aj kal ke karat hi, ausar jasi chal. A man says today that he will meditate tomorrow, and when tomorrow .es, he says again that he will meditate tomorrow, until eventually his time runs out. So, we should not postpone good works until tomorrow; rather we should get it done right away. We should find Knowledge as soon as possible and begin remembering the Holy Name regularly and continuously. Only then will our human life be successful. We can get something worthwhile only by being humble and polite and taking shelter in the wise and realised saints. Otherwise, if we stay stiff and arrogant we be.e like a corpse, as if we are unconscious. We bend to pick up even a one cent coin lying on the ground, but when it .es to the highest Spiritual Knowledge, we do not want to bow to a saint – there we sit stiff with pride and ego. Only when we postpone such negative things can we get something. That is why it has been said- Bhoole man samajh ke lad ladaniyan. Thora lad bahut mat lade, toot jaye teri gardaniyan. Bhookha hoy to bhojan pa le, age haat na baniyan. Kahat Kabeer suno bhai sadho, kal ke hath Kamaniyan. Bhoole man samajh ke lad ladaniyan. O foolish mind, be careful not to overload yourself. Carry less, not more, otherwise your neck will be broken. If you are hungry, then eat because in the next life you will not find any markets or shopkeepers. If you are thirsty, then drink because further ahead you will not find any water or a village. Kabir says, Listen, Time (Death) has .mand over everything. Our saints tried to tell us to act consciously and the Spiritual Master alone is the giver of salvation. He tells us about the true path and then you can cross the worldly ocean by remembering the Holy Name and doing meditation. Remembering the Holy Name is a must. Being with great souls reminds us to meditate on the Holy Name of God and to remember the Almighty whom we had f.otten. The Master alone sows the seed of Knowledge in our life. We sing in the Aarti prayer- Nana panth jagat mein nij nij gun gawen. Sabka sar batakar guru marag lawen. There are many religious sects in the world and each one sings its own glory and merits. The Master puts a genuine seeker on the true path and teaches him the essence of all of them. He removes all doubts from his mind. That is why it is said- Sant bare parmarthi, ghan jyon barse aay. Tapan bujhawen aur ki, apno paras lay. Saints are very benevolent, like clouds which bring rain and quench everyones thirst. We pray to Satguru because whatever the disciple experiences and realises is all by the grace and blessings of the Master. Without the blessings of the Spiritual Master, a man cannot acquire anything worthwhile. The aim and target of the Spiritual Master is to enhance the spiritual progress of a disciple and it should be the aim of the disciple to follow the path as shown and instructed by the Master. 相关的主题文章: