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Fox fox breakfast | exchange wears several condom safe? Written in the world contraception day – Sohu health Sohu health fox Hello good morning, today is a good day – World contraception day. Every living person is a product of contraceptive failure, after the rest of the wood there? Ha ha ha ha…… Let’s take a look at those wonderful contraceptive methods, the following heavy taste, suitable for brushing while reading. Abstinence is the only way to ensure 100% effective prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. This sentence is really no human nature, but the fox is very small! Let us look at human beings in order to contraception, what have been done to toss their own and friends! The first is to use the camel ring @ life times long ago in the big desert, the only means of transportation is the camel. The ancient Egyptian businessmen on it under the heavy goods, travel. But the mother camel on the way often due to pregnancy and delayed transport. So the clever businessmen came up with a way to put some smooth stones into the womb of the mother camel so that she wouldn’t be pregnant. This is the embryonic form of the intrauterine device. In 1909, the German doctor Richard designed the world’s first IUD, will be bent into groups like silk. In 1928, German Ernst graffin? Berg doctor with several strands of silk shape, on the outside of the circle around the silver, into the uterine cavity, commonly known as "Sheung wan". The contraceptive principle of IUD is still uncertain. Expert analysis, the IUD is embryo implantation in the uterus on the road "stumbling block". The female ovary releases an egg in the fallopian tube ampulla fertilization, then the fertilized egg in the fallopian tube develop into an embryo and is discharged into the uterus. The uterus is a piece of land for life, the IUD is a "shovel", it constantly moves, scraping the wall of the uterus, cause aseptic inflammation. The soil is destroyed, and the embryo is unable to be implanted. With the continuous development of medicine, the shape of the birth control device is constantly updated, the material is improved, the side effects are getting smaller and smaller, the medical profession has been successfully launched the four generation birth control device. At present, there are about 80 million women around the world using IUD, most of which are Chinese women. The original birth control device is round, like a ring, made of stainless steel and other metals, can be used for decades. Later, R & D personnel support device in the middle of the plastic, plus support in the uterine cavity in resisting force, avoid age, gynecological disease, uterine malformation caused by displacement or distortion. Later, the scientific community invented the T shaped ring, like the English capital letter T. There are two rods, just in the top of the triangle in the uterus, the middle of the vertical rod with a tail wire, not easy to fall off, and easy to take out. The vertical rod T ring can also be wrapped in some copper, copper release, increase the effectiveness of contraception. Women in the placement of IUD, should be half a year or once a year to check whether the location of iud. If there is pain, may be the IUD position down, stimulation of uterine contraction, the time to see the doctor. The gathering in crowds and groups!相关的主题文章: