The fifth session of the Sino German youth leaders meeting on behalf of Beijing – visit Joan nvidia geforce gt 740m

The fifth session of the Sino German youth leaders meeting on behalf of Joan to visit Beijing – new network in Haikou in October 14, (Huang Yi) Fifth China Youth Leaders Meeting on behalf of 14 exchange visits in Hainan. From the Sino German political and economic, academic institutions, media and other areas of youth representatives to join hands with you, enhance mutual understanding and friendship. German youth leaders meeting is Chinese people’s Institute of foreign affairs and the German World Bridge Association co founded an elite youth exchange system, the meeting held once a year, respectively, held alternately in the two countries, meeting in Germany, representatives of each 20, the first meeting held in 2012. On the same day, delegates turn to visit Wanning, Qionghai two city, visit Wanning booming Tropical Botanical Garden, the Boao forum for Asia International Conference Center, Joan dragon Shou ocean acres of fields. The park view. China people’s Institute of foreign affairs vice president Sun Rongmin introduced during the meeting, the representatives of the youth on youth entrepreneurship, artisan spirit, occupation education and other topics to discuss, hope that through this visit to Germany on behalf of Hainan youth to deepen understanding, improve mutual understanding. "Hainan’s ecological protection, agricultural development has left a deep impression on me, I can feel that the development of Hainan is very rapid." German youth representatives HermannSpellmann told reporters to visit him to make a lot of friends Chinese, everyone together to discuss the future of the world trend, the development of Sino German relations, communicate with each other very happy. The Chinese youth delegation, Beijing Electronic Science and technology Career Academy young teacher Ma Jun said, with Germany on behalf of the exchange is a process of cultivating ideas, many to crash out of the spark of thought. Chinese representative Wu Wen is a member of a Internet Co entrepreneurial team in Shanghai, focusing on one to one online vocational education. She said that the biggest harvest is to communicate with friends in the international business difficulties encountered. Germany’s vocational education system is very perfect, from which we can learn a lot of advanced experience. "Entrepreneurship", "good education" and "passion for learning", the German youth representatives HermannSpellmann sums up for the Chinese youth leaders impression. He said: "German youth should learn from the pioneering spirit of Chinese youth, they are good at grasping opportunities." The German World Bridge Association executive vice president Ms. BeateLindemann said, the German youth leaders meeting aims to bridge the communication gap between Chinese and German youth, especially in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, the youth of the two countries can each in his element. (end)相关的主题文章: