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Jewelry-Diamonds With the increase in usage of diamonds in the jewellery, the demand for loose diamonds for sale has increased manifolds. But then there are reasons behind it. Most importantly, loose diamonds provide you an ease to set them in the design of your choice. Many times, the shopkeepers don"t have enough jewellery pieces and thus people tend to take help of the online designs which are easily available on various websites and get them copied. For that matter, loose diamonds seem to be a safe option and can be set as per the needs of the design. Next would be the provision of getting the right diamonds for your jewellery. The already set diamonds, if found faulty could not be changed where as if you buy the loose diamonds for sale, you can check the quality beforehand and thus in case of any kind of defaults, you can get them replaced immediately. There is also a great scope that you would be able to bargain with the price of the diamonds. So these are some of the advantages over already set diamonds. But there are some points which should be taken care of before you go for loose diamonds for sale. There are certain criteria for which you have to look for in case you are going for already cut loose diamonds. Care should be taken about the 3C"s which are very important when you are going for the loose diamonds. These 3C"s would be Clarity, Cut and Colour. They are graded according to these three criteria and it important to go for the diamonds of higher grades. More importantly, care should be taken to check that for grading, the loose diamonds for sale are having the GIA grade and proper laboratory reports should be checked regarding the actual qualities like weight, cut, clarity, etc. for each and every diamond. .ing back to the 3 C"s, the clarity of the diamond holds importance as it would be the representing the fines of the respective piece. Then the cut of the diamond is also very important to be taken care of. It directly shows the amount of effort put by the jeweller. Colour basically .es in two shades, white and yellow. The more white the diamond is, more is it liable to be bought by the customers. Except for the "canary yellow" diamonds, all other diamonds should be white. Thus to buy a particular piece, you should keep while buying the loose diamonds for sale. If you would be following the above mentioned steps, there is no way that you can go wrong. These are some simple technicalities which should be taken care while you are going to buy loose diamonds. It is always advisable to go to some trusted jeweller which would decrease the risk of getting fake diamonds. Going for loose diamonds for sale have always been a better option rather than going for preset ones as they would save money and you can be tension free while using them for your jewellery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: