The country’s first anti-corruption theme cinema opened hundreds of officials confession film for el

The country’s first anti-corruption theme theater open 100 officials chosen confession film original title: Nanjing open the first national anti-corruption theme cinema 200 tribal officials and elected Ma confession Beijing October 14 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Shen ran correspondent Weng Hongye) "nearly 200 warning education, anti-corruption education database independent theme micro film composition according to the members of the unit, the education theme personalized" menu ", the sharing of resources, to achieve effective integration of warning education and prevention of job-related crimes." 14, 2009, the country’s first anti-corruption theme cinema officially opened in Nanjing. The same day, more than 100 grass-roots party members and cadres here had a touch of mind Party discipline education. The reporter saw in the home is located in the Jianye District of the "prevention of job-related crimes warning education base", and the base of traditional education mode different from most venues exhibition display, mainly in the live broadcast of the warning education, to watch the confessions, in which, sound, light and electricity stereoscopic, as if in a small theater. Particularly impressive is the warning education function room, the use of virtual reality means creating a chilly, grid bars, wall on the wall, and in front of the screen is now playing illegal real case, one suspects, a bitter tears of repentance, sadly sigh. "Theater" in the play around these cases, for our grass-roots party members and cadres touched a lot, there is a strong sense of education. It also reminds us of the party members and cadres will be careful alone, hold the bottom line, consciously purify the social circle, circle of friends, only honesty and self-discipline, can they have a clear conscience, can be more comfortable working and living." Scene, a member of Nanjing cadres told reporters. "We wanted to create an anti-corruption theme of" cinema ", please see the fall trajectory of Party members and cadres sacked officials, listen to their painful confession, in yourself personally on the scene to watch, so as to achieve the biting ear pull sleeve, the cop sweating." The Jianye District People’s Procuratorate Changge ice said. It is understood that the education base of main feature is visual impact, through a sense of the picture characteristic of personalized custom services, professional exchanges and other interactive experience lively and vivid forms of propaganda, to further enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of anti-corruption education. The theme of cinema in the form of clean government education is also the first time in the country. As an open platform for the theater, party and government organs at all levels, the financial system, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises can join at any time to become the next member of the unit." Nanjing Jianye District People’s Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General Geng Hui said, "the members of the unit we can provide the The more, the better., warning sheet education resources of the system, enrich the" cinema "database", sounded the warning bell together ‘,’ cinema ‘really become a major platform for the sharing of warning education." Reporters learned that, after the official opening, the relevant units if you want to come to visit the organization to carry out anti-corruption education activities, you can make an appointment in advance. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: