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The constant official announced the formal signing of Scolari Adams handsome position to compete for more champion Lamar Scolari Phoenix sports news (reporter Fan Acer reported) Lippi became the national football coach next season, Hengda coach vacancy. The evening of October 24th, Guangzhou Hengda Taobao football club announced the official announcement with coach Scolari officially renewed contract period 1+1. Since taking office in June 2015, Scolari has brought four Champions League trophy for Guangzhou evergrande. For nearly a year and a half, Scolari Hengda enterprise culture and the management of the club highly recognized the concept and development of ideas, and repeatedly said in public Xu Jiayin is Asia’s best boss. After the success of the contract with the club, Scolari said he would spare no effort for the team, for the club to win more titles. On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival on September 14th, Hengda boss Xu said when the team open to all the players, the club has begun to expand negotiations with Scolari. Although Hengda in August. He has signed with Lippi, but Scolari’s work shows that this contract, Hengda there was to recommend Lippi for the national team, and Scolari’s contract talks is to make full preparations. The evening of October 23rd constant brigade won the Super League sixth champions of the post match press conference, Scolari said there is progress and renewal is not Hengda, handsome recently to the defending champion, intentnesses. But in October 24th, champion Scolari immediately and club official renewal. Lippi served as coach of the national team, the contract extension of Scolari, Guangzhou Evergrande left two world champion coach for Chinese football. The club wants to successful negotiations with Scolari as the core of the world’s top team coach, to help Guangzhou Hengda continue to maintain a leading position, consolidate champion inertia, continuation of the championship cycle, further leading Chinese football technical and tactical innovation and upgrading, to further promote the process of football occupation China, to further enhance the overall level of China football, bringing more success and honor for Guangzhou football, football Chinese. Scolari Hengda record: 2015: Super (17 war 12 wins and 5 draws) champion AFC Champions League (6 war 3 wins and 3 draws) championship Club World Cup (3 War 1 wins and 2 losses) for 42016th years: the Super Cup (1 wins out of 1 (28) champion in 18 wins 7 flat 3 negative) champion AFC Champions League (6 War 2 wins 2 flat 2 negative) Football Association Cup group game (6 and 5 wins and 1 draws) has reached the final相关的主题文章: