The Commission to make administrative punishment and shichangjinru 4 cases in Beijing 9c8836

The Commission to make administrative punishment and shichangjinru – on the 4 case Beijing, Beijing, August 26, according to the SFC website news, the Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun 26, said recently, the Commission in accordance with the law on the 4 case to make administrative punishment and shichangjinru. 1 cases of illegal information disclosure case, 2011 Heilongjiang the Great Northern Wilderness agricultural Limited by Share Ltd (the Great Northern Wilderness) a wholly owned subsidiary of the Great Northern Wilderness Xin Asia trade limited liability company (the Great Northern Wilderness Xin Asia) by signing false contracts, forged contracts in flax trading inflated 2011 annual profit of about 16 million yuan, in the rice trade inflated the 2011 annual profit of 35 million 240 thousand yuan, leading to the existence of false statement in the Great Northern Wilderness 2011 Annual report. In violation of the "the Great Northern Wilderness Securities Law" provisions of article sixty-third, on the basis of the "Securities Law" article 193rd, paragraph first of article 233rd and "securities shichangjinru regulations" (Commission Order No. thirty-third) the provisions of article fifth, the Commission decided to give a warning to the Great Northern Wilderness, and impose a fine of 500 thousand yuan; Yang Zhongcheng (when he was deputy the Great Northern Wilderness general manager, the Great Northern Wilderness Xin Ya Bai Shi (Chairman), general manager of the the Great Northern Wilderness Xin Asia) and other 6 people directly in charge of given a warning and fined 50 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan; given a warning to the 9 other directly responsible personnel; at the same time take 10 years of securities shichangjinru measures against Yang Zhongcheng, take 5 Securities shichangjinru measures of white stone. 1 cases of insider trading case, Zhang industry is Shandong Jiangquan industry Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Jiangquan industry) to be a major asset reorganization of the insider insider information. The insider information sensitive period, Zhou Jihe and Zhang industry frequent contact, Zhou Jihe and others use my account account transactions "Jiangquan industry", a profit of about 12 million 640 thousand yuan. Zhou Jihe of the above acts in violation of the "Securities Law" article seventy-third, seventy-sixth paragraph first, according to the "Securities Law" provisions of article 202nd, the Commission decided to Zhou Jihe, confiscate the illegal income of about 12 million 640 thousand yuan, in addition to about 12 million 640 thousand yuan fine. 1 cases of legal person use another account securities trading and the insider trading case in Beijing, Haidian science and technology development limited company director Lin Beijing SJ environmental protection new materials Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as environmental trimer) intends to non-public offering this insider insider information. The evening of September 28, 2014, Beijing City, earth science and Technology Industrial Company (hereinafter referred to as the company) chairman Yu Yang and Lin contact telephone instructions of securities of the company manager Zhou Mouyun total land used by the earth company actual control and the use of "week mouyun account to buy 240000 shares of" three environmental protection ". In addition, the company with "Zhou mouyun" from August 7, 2013 to May 18, 2015 during the account transactions "GF Securities", "easy food shares and other stocks, a total profit of about 15 million 820 thousand yuan. Earth’s top companies in violation of the Securities Act seventy-third, the seventy-sixth article of the 80 and the provisions of the first, when Yu Yang, chairman of the board of directors of the earth is directly responsible for the personnel. On the basis of the 202nd and the provisions of article 208th of the securities law,.相关的主题文章: