The biggest enemy of the liver-zhuxianduowan

It was the biggest enemy of liver many young people have to work at night or recreational habits, and some specific groups to a higher index, such as IT workers, media workers, junior high school and senior high school students, Internet and so on. However, most likely to stay up late at night is the liver liver disease Aochu! The greatest enemy it is understood that the liver is the body’s largest organ of detoxification, but if you often stay up late can cause liver burden, cause a series of disease. Often stay up late not only lead to lack of sleep time, decreased body resistance, but also affect the liver’s self repair at night. Especially those who have been infected with hepatitis virus, stay up late will aggravate the condition. According to reports, every evening at 11 pm to 2 am, according to TCM Meridian theory, the liver by the blood the most prosperous, the best time is liver blood, liver detoxification time is started. However, liver detoxification needs to be carried out during sleep. Stay up to let the liver to complete the excretion of toxins, resulting in fresh blood can not be generated, if things go on like this, a lack of liver blood, liver cells to repair damaged but worse, causing great harm to the body will. In the course of time, will not only rough skin, easy fatigue, often feel throat pain, anger, and liver detoxification function will be harmed, the toxins in the blood was greatly increased. Studies have shown that upright position hepatic blood flow decreased 40%, movement of hepatic blood flow decreased by 80-85%, so the supine position when the liver is rich in blood supply. In addition, people often stay up hormones such as adrenaline secretion than ordinary people to be high, it will increase the burden of liver, kidney, liver and kidney function influence normal, induced a series of symptoms, even aggravate hepatitis the original condition, the day after the rehabilitation effect. Night workers should try to adjust the rest of the time, the best eleven point night before sleep, can make liver detoxification, healthy. If you can not avoid staying up for a long time, then you can take the time difference, in the day and night time to rest. For example, if you stay up until the next day at 1, then to the day of 13, you can make up a sleep. In addition, a late night should particularly pay attention to nutrition, dinner should eat foods rich in vitamin B and protein foods, such as whole grains, liver, lean meat, beans and fresh Vegetable & Fruit. West China community newspaper reporter Yang Kai相关的主题文章: