The audience to sing the song Botero moved to tears, said after the game will never forget (Figure)-ca1290

The audience cheering song Botero moved to tears after the game said unforgettable (Figure) Del Botero tears sina sports Beijing on September 9th news, Del Botero four lost Wawrinka US missed the semi-finals. The end of the game many viewers sang for Botero after refueling, Argentines will never forget this picture. Before the US Open champion admitted to the ideal to play tennis, but their physical function also needs to be further improved. The game yesterday at the end of the fourth set, the audience is in a backward Del Botero singing "Ole ole ole OLE delPo, delPo, Argentina instantly moved to tears," I am very difficult to describe in words, I can lose the game, but I will never forget the scene, this win is more important than me. The audience made me very proud, because I in order to return to the game to pay a lot of effort, I am very happy today, I don’t care about winning." Despite losing the game, but Del Botero’s performance is still a comeback since Argentina and admitted to sit up and take notice, very close to the top players. "I haven’t played tennis for a long time, two months ago I was out in the first two games, losing to the lower ranked players. But now I and the top level of the players is very close, I have beaten Djokovic, Nadal, and Murray is also very close, but also the world’s top three Wahlin card player. So it’s all right for me. I need to keep working hard to compete with them on the same level." Yesterday, the end of the game, Botero has obviously tired, before the US Open champion said he needed to improve body function. "I think Wawrinka smarter than me, the final stage of the game with his backhand more cutting, let me run back and forth in the bottom line, so I have been exhausted in the third set. The start of the game was really very close, but I didn’t get the first set, he took the chance and played a great game. Now I have some physical strength can not keep up, I need to ensure that health, waiting for the offseason to come, then in the next season to adjust their. I am now back to the top one hundred, I don’t have to apply for a wild card, this is a good thing. The game gives me a lot of confidence and I am very happy." Finally, Botero also revealed his next game arrangement. "I didn’t expect to play too many games here, and then I could go to Asia and then indoor events. I don’t have the pressure to rank, I just want to keep fit and improve my fitness. The next race is Davis Cup, British players are very good, they did well this year in the u.s.. Davis: many things can happen, so we’ll see." (Yang Hongzhi)相关的主题文章: