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Beauty Reconstructing global design sensibilities into understated contemporary elegance the brainchild of Ankur and Priyanka Modi has gone into a new fashion idiom creating a niche appeal through its luxury pret. Recalling their early days Priyanka said, "Graduating in Fashion Design and Technology from London School of Fashion, U.K; I started working for ‘NITYA’a fashion label which has a presence all around the world but is very strong in France and UK so I opted for them as my design sensibility and also because that is one of the few brands I love wearing myself." On the other hand Ankur, son of designer Anju Modihas done engineering from the University of Melbourne,Australia. Soon after he started working with his mom, looking after her production, finance and retail, he garnered great insight into the workings and building of a Brand. As far as choosing designing as a career is concerned both have a different story to tell. For Ankur, it was a legacy which he got from the very talented Anju "I grew up with a lot of fashion around me. My mother being one of the first designers of the country, I had lived in this environment from my childhood. Like in every business, my mother also needed family hands to help grow her business. I was very hesitant in the beginning having done Engineering, but when I fell in love with a designer herself (wife Priyanka), there was too much seduction to refuse" For Priyanka, this was her most natural choice "In the years that I was growing up, I was constantly looking for outlets for my creative energy, and I think even then there was always a slight bent towards designing clothes than anything else. I believe in destiny and the fact that the world conspires to help you achieve it. I think in my case things just fell into place". Comfort takes the centre stage in their design philosophy Fabrics are elegantly tailored using pure and woven materials. "We do knits, handicraft (old methods of printing and embroidery stitches), and everything in between, making our garments extremely contemporary and understated", said the designer couple. The designer duo took no time in defending the fact that fashion trend is getting repetitive "Fashion does, like history, repeat itself. The repetition can be re-named or re-framed but essentially it’s still a repetition." And what’s their take on Indian fashion industry going global? "We have caught global attention. Our presence at Fashion Weeks abroad is a positive indicator. The only thing lacking is a truly global fashion brand in terms of scale and scope and would definitely end eavour to fill that slot." Both shared. Speaking about the latest news of fashion hub they said "The Fashion Hub is a very necessary and ambitious project. It has been sadly a long time coming….but the recent developments of land allocation and government involvement do seem positive."Personally I’m extremely fond of Bottega Veneta and Armani",says Priyanka. Ankur goes with the forever classical ‘Chanel’ when we asked about their favourite designers. For Ankur, their label and its sensibilities have been largely accepted by the domestic market and this has greatly encouraged them to aim higher and foray into the international realm of fashion space. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: