Tang Yan is just a walking lipstick color machine! cashmere mafia

Tang Yan is just a walking lipstick color machine! The big red American sugar gas attack in 2016, Tang Yan’s favorite color is red, in the drama "Jinxiu Weiyang", Tang Yan domineering exposed attitude too big red blessing. Tang Yan absolute control lipstick private photos, the red lips and the appearance rate is also very high. But in order to collocation daily makeup, so Tang Yan chose the way of thin coating. Tang Yan absolute control lipstick lips color Essence Lip Balm recommend color number: 07cherry fervor this is the new fall apart from Shu Uemura, slim design, the biggest feature is very moisturizing lipstick color. 07 is a very big red, very good-looking. Shu Uemura color essence lip balm to layer can be super color, because it is a moisturizing formula, so slightly with Pearl feeling. Shu Uemura Essence Lip Balm color Gao Junxi in large advertising pictures is 07 colour, a pale blond collocation stunning red lips, was burst. Shu Uemura Hyun Color Lip Balm without the essence of thick coating can cover up the lip wrinkles, and no matter how dry your lips, gently touch can moisten the full mouth. Durability is not bad, it is very suitable for use in autumn and winter. Shu Uemura color Essence Lip Balm DIOR 2016 version of the blue flame red Jinkou number: 999 the most classic is red, do not pick the skin, cover the lip wrinkles the intensity is very high. The paste is also very soft waxy, coloring degree of leverage drops. DIOR 2016 version of rouge love red woman must not be missed, and the durability is good. Amy personally feel sticky cup phenomenon is also acceptable range, like painting the lip of the sister can also be used to bite the lips 999 painting. God: fresh red bean paste powder red bean paste is 2016 DIOR 2016 version 2016 version DIOR rouge rouge Tang Yan trend of color, in addition to the dark red bean color marks, Tang Yan’s favorite color is green bean red bean powder to no friends. Tang Yan’s fresh artifact – bean powder bean powder recommended Armani Fat Lip Glaze Ding No. 504504 is very light pink bean daily, chubby Lip Glaze lovely Q version looks very easy to carry makeup, popular girls love yo. Armani chubby little Ding Lip Glaze bottle has moist lips on enamel, smear up is very thin, soft velvet texture, color lasting is stunning, but also to create the effect of bite lips yo ~ Armani fat lip glaze color full mouth Ding is also very significant strength, although the fog the results, but the mouth is toot feeling. I think this color beauty is very friendly girl who can try the yellow. Armani Lip Glaze high sugar fat Ding cold love is painted with color color aunt aunt Tang Yan is overbearing president. The upper part of the body, face look is full of high cooling fan. Aunt aunt recommended NARS color color velvet lip pen color number: CONSUMING RED said Aunt color, how can less NARS, CONSUMING of RED color, unlike the traditional color aunt so high-profile.相关的主题文章: