Tang three little new signing ceremony was held in China and South Korea Chinese IP to the world – S sunny came home

Tang three little new signing ceremony was held in China and South Korea: China IP to the world – Sohu read the morning of August 25th, China network literature representative of the Tang three little book "for you, I am willing to love the whole world" and the signing ceremony was held in China International Exhibition center. Tang three little in the event, talked about the IP value and the representative of South Korea, and the common prospect in China and South Korea cultural exchange more in-depth and lasting cooperation prospects. "For you, I am willing to love the whole world" tells the story of the Tang three little and his wife of 16 years, the companionship of the touching love story, and from the annual income of billions of dollars of unemployed youth to the real counter attack story. The market for two months, the book sales reached two hundred thousand copies in Dangdang, Jingdong Bookstore Book overall standings forefront. Because of its delicate emotional truth, and he has shown persistent strike a deep chord, in the works of love and attention to the dream, the young readers alike. In addition to the domestic market, Tang three little work has just been published has also been a lot of foreign publications concern. At present, the Tang three little work has been to South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries and regions China copyright output. South day volume general manager Huang Junqing said at the signing ceremony: "through" in order to you, I am willing to love the whole world "a book, can understand, understand the Tang three little Tang three little stories and the world, believe that the Tang three little core idea — displayed in the book of love, dream of attention dedication, can also get approval and favor of other countries and regions of the readers." South Publishing & Media Group Editor Liu Qinghua said: "Chinese literature in Korea is concerned, reflects the deep foundation in the cultural exchange between China and South Korea, but also the publishing industry exchanges important achievement of learning, learning is worthy of further study and deepen cooperation." Author Tang Jiasan said "little to you, I am willing to love the whole world" in the novels published before the film rights have been good at modern love drama Hatton media with the TV series of the same name, has been launched in 2017, is expected to meet with you. The IP value rises today, Tang three little has become the upstart IP movie berserk. From 2004 to 12 years since the creation of literature, Tang three families created less than 17 novels. Now there are seven adaptations into comics, and the four works are being adapted for TV series. Many works have been exported to Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan and other countries and regions. In recent years, with the "Langya list", "spend thousands of bones," "cloud song" and other works of excellence overseas, China’s IP is moving towards the world. Hunan as the vanguard of Chinese publishing published, has been committed to providing excellent publications to build a diversified property delivery platform. A narrow strip of water, China and South Korea Cultural blind, cultural exchanges, publishing industry as a representative of the cultural industry has become one of the main positions of cultural exchanges between China and South korea. By day volume published "startling step by step", "starry sky, the sea", "good, touch your head" and many other works have been issued by the South Korean agency. According to the South Korean agency of pure gold and the president said, "the Korean version for you.相关的主题文章: