Take-Two Q2 made 2 billion 840 million gta5 into the printing press alienware m17x

Take-two Q2 make 2 billion 840 million GTA5 printing press [Abstract] in "NBA 2K17", "GTA 5" and "GTA OL" core game under the help of Take-Two in the second quarter net profit still bring a lot of stride forward singing militant songs, and beyond the expected growth. This paper from the Tencent game channel exclusive compilation, please indicate the source Take-two interactive entertainment, released before the latest fiscal 2017 second quarter earnings. According to generally accepted accounting principles, Take-Two in the second quarter revenue of $420 million 200 thousand (about RMB 2 billion 840 million), equivalent to earnings per share of $39, an increase of 21%. According to non GAAP, earnings per share of 45 cents, higher than Wall Street’s previous forecast of more than 16 cents. This shows that Take-Two’s core game series is still strong. "Take-Two in the second quarter net profit still bring a lot of stride forward singing militant songs, and beyond the expected growth." Take-Two CEO Strauss · Zelnick (Strauss Zelnick) said in a statement, "the most outstanding performance is the first record breaking series" NBA 2K17 "," long hot GTA 5 ", increasing investment and consumer" Grand Theft Auto "OL hand steady growth." "NBA 2K17" is one of the best-selling annual masterpiece, widely praised by critics and players, has established a loyal user base, the United States can occupy the annual sales of the top ten list for several months. The current sales have reached 4 million 500 thousand sets. Since 2013 in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platform since the first episode, "GTA 5" every year can be discharged into the game sales before ten, 2016 is likely to be the case. The latest data released in the earnings report found during our current "GTA 5" sales have reached 70 million sets. In addition to the "GTA OL", Rockstar allows game developers to charge money for game player game currency, has put the game into a money machine. Rockstar has not yet been released "GTA 5". Zelnick said that the game micro transactions can still create a stable income growth, not eager to release new. At present, Take-Two has adjusted the expected fiscal 2017: as of December 31st this year, the expected third quarter revenue from $475 million to $525 million per share increase, expected income increase from 30 cents to 40 cents; by March 31st 2017 annual revenue is expected to increase from $1 billion 750 million to $1 billion 850 million per share, expected revenue also increased from $2 to 2.25 dollars. In order to achieve this goal, Take-Two is the fastest speed to support the "Mafia 3" of the first, while maintaining the acclaimed "civilization 6" and "WWE 2K17" sales. In addition, Take-T.相关的主题文章: