Taiwan Chinese Buddhism Association delegation visited Beijing Longquan Temple tataufo

Taiwan "Chinese Buddhism Association delegation visited Beijing Longquan temple in Taiwan" Chinese Buddhism Association delegation visited Beijing Longquan temple on September 6, 2016 morning, Taiwan "Chinese Buddhism Association chairman and executive vice abbot of Taiwan Hui Chuan Taiwan Fo Guang Shan Buddhist delegation led by the master line of more than 180 people to visit Beijing Longquan temple. President of the Buddhist Association of Beijing Chinese Longquan Temple Abbot master Xue Cheng warmly received the delegation, the two sides also "Buddhist temple management and contemporary experience" theme in-depth exchanges. Xue Cheng pointed out that the president in his speech, the Taiwan Buddhist Federation aims to unite all over Taiwan, all sectors of Buddhists, especially in young master, promote the practice of "Humanistic Buddhism" concept, very meaningful; but also an important force to promote cross-strait exchanges, the future development of buddhism. Buddhism needs unity, unity is strength. The construction of "Humanistic Buddhism" are widely recognized and widely practiced in Taiwan Buddhism Buddhism, Buddhism is not only the development of the times, the response reflects the needs of society, Buddhism is also the unity of cross-strait common ideal and banner. He stressed that the two sides to carry out multi-level youth, multi-level exchanges and cooperation in many fields, it is necessary, far-reaching. The Taiwan Chinese Buddhism Association delegation to visit the mainland exchanges, is a very good start, I believe the two sides join hands together, the disciple of the Buddha, the future cross-strait Buddhist bright and brilliant. Hui Chuan Master said in his speech, the Chinese Buddhism Association delegation visited the authorities are very concerned about except on both sides of the Buddhist community, but also to understand the present situation, to promote Buddhism, promote cross-strait Buddhist circles in the construction of "Humanistic Buddhism" on the issue of communication and exchanges, build consensus, seek cooperation opportunities. He pointed out that cross-strait Buddhist circles of the same root, a method of milk, blood is thicker than water, and the identity of "Humanistic Buddhism" concept, so the unity and cooperation between the two sides is the point the day and await for it. Subsequently, Xuecheng, around the "Dharma, Buddhism and contemporary status, the temple management experience" theme made a wonderful speech, introduced the present situation of the development of Buddhism in China, and the Beijing Longquan temple history, rehabilitation process, organizational structure, management experience, and the monks preaching Lisheng sentiment etc.. Zhang Yazhong, a professor at National Taiwan University, introduced the development history of Buddhism in Taiwan, the cause of Buddhism in the world, the education charity, the construction of the community, and the overseas. During the period, the representative of the China Xuecheng Buddhist Association to the delegation presented "master Xuan Zang," Yang Renshan writes "the complete translation of Buddhist works" series etc.. Taiwan "Chinese Buddhism Association, chairman of Taiwan" Chinese Buddhist Association vice president of long light mage, President of the Federation of Taiwan, New Taipei City Buddhist Association net Yao master, President of the Federation, Taiwan Fukuchi Sangha Fang Zhangru master, President of the Federation, international vice president of the World Federation of Buddha benevolent master, President of the Federation, the world fellowship of Buddhists Association vice chairman Huang Shuwei, the board of supervisors, ten directions first Fangzhang Song Yu master, secretary general, International Federation of Buddhist Association of sleep mage, Deputy Secretary General of China Buddhist Association long Lu Xun attended the exchange activities. China Buddhist Association international.相关的主题文章: