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[swim] the light coincides with the Gudou Sohu on tour in addition to hot springs, let Gudou, I had heard of the car as well as the God of wealth. A total length of 1080 meters, starting in the world after the water beside the mountains to reach the top, although the car is small and no windows, but the movement is not obvious, the overall comfort is good. The choice of both sides of the cable car at the same time on the way, the door is still a moment of comedy. Including staff quickly get off to open the door and pulled me from the car pulled out, scared followed by Buddy hurriedly hold belongings, lest they get off will be missing. We feel is a good luck, Dongfanghong reservoir above the clouds and the sun reflects Jesus light, or in the mountains, this is the God of light, shine in the mountains on the way. Under the air quite transparent after rain, visibility is very high and the eyes fixed Jesus with light, the clouds moving, changing to different lighting effects, camera in hand to stop the shutter. Close to the top of the mountain, the cable car becomes very steep, looking back at the two followed by our small partners are overlooking the. To reach the top of the mountain, the wind is expected, in the winter to pay attention to the small partners warm oh. However, the safety factor is relatively high, you can rest assured. The mountain is 338 meters above sea level, there are signs of the square to pray and the top of the hill, the ancient fort, a four scenery still can feel heavy culture, very worthy of doing. The mountain is not high, but the immortal spirit, the God of wealth to square, certainly can buy incense to worship. On the other side of the viewing platform is 180 degrees, whether it is to shoot or shoot scenes can be up in arms. The most distant light blue is the sea, and would like to go to the direction of the direction of the Red Sea to the cable car, in the mouth of the fork to choose another entrance. Left the sea right Yinhu lake, the scenery is a plus. The top of the mountain is not very big, and it will soon be over. As the clouds grew and the Jesus light faded, we took a cable car down the mountain. At nightfall, just return to the Japan Pavilion at the door, saw the sky red, Japan Pavilion entrance along the mountain road, see a kiosk, but there are too many trees is also not too clear to the sunset. It would be better if you could stay on the hill and watch the sunset. Finally, in the sunset, my tour Gudou hot springs also reached the end, look forward to our next meeting. ………………………. I’m winning, young female older married travel enthusiasts hope that my words and pictures can bring you a happy mood big world, come and see it please contact me, micro-blog: @winning_leung相关的主题文章: