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Such as oil ink cow nouveau riche Green Expo new product crowd the dark oil, "happiness" mode, cattle farming system of mobile phone…… With the "Green Expo officially opens a big wave in the market usually rare fresh green food, cool agricultural science and technology and other exhibits, so that exhibitors and the general public and delicious feast. If the oil ink has the function of health care provided a soybean oil, people immediately think of the golden color, but the dark oil you have seen? Yesterday, in the Green Fair supply and marketing cooperatives in front of the booth, a section called dragon field one stupid squeezed black soybean oil attracted the attention of the participating merchants. According to reports, the reason is dark, because the raw material is high quality black beans, after low temperature pressing, to ensure that all the nutrients are not destroyed, but also effectively eliminate the residual acid, alkali, heavy metals and harmful substances such as cholesterol, so that the oil is clear, the smell of natural fragrance. The black bean is with health function of edible oil, helps prevent and reduce all kinds of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis, and to enhance and improve the function of the body’s digestive system, can reduce and repair of gastric and intestinal ulcers and other diseases of the digestive system function. Cow good mood in the exhibition area of nouveau riche Yangzunchuyou, two small grazing cows were particularly noticeable. They come from the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives under the enterprise Hui Feng farming and animal husbandry science and technology company is a modern ranch. This is not an ordinary two small dairy cows, with the teacher "master" is not an exaggeration to describe them. The staff, the implementation of the happiness index concept of cow pasture in aquaculture, cleanliness, comfort in bed drinking water, and the air had temperature and humidity Management (including winter, summer) and other aspects of the details on the efforts, "it means let the cattle live star hotel, a pampered and happy life." It is understood that the concept of happiness index breeding cows, milk production cycle and milk yield are significantly improved. More importantly, the cows live in a comfortable environment, can effectively reduce the number of somatic cells in milk, improve the nutritional value of the original milk. "Shout thirsty" mobile phone to farmland irrigation will be 20 cm long analyzer inserted into the soil, farmers can not only understand that many chemical constituents of soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and even by mobile phone remote irrigation fields. A booth at the Expo Hall B before the "new agricultural model Internet plus agriculture" has attracted many visitors stop. Reporters saw the booth placed a large and small shapes of the analyzer. Staff told reporters that a variety of analyzers have different roles, some can determine the soil nutrients, and some can detect the pH value of the soil, and some can detect soil moisture. If the soil is lack of water, the user can send instructions to the analyzer through the mobile client to complete irrigation." The opening day of the exhibition, there are a lot of companies and cooperatives in the morning and the exhibitors reached an agreement of intent.相关的主题文章: