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[star] horse show has ended, but still have to continue to run! Sohu fourth five-star sports show "collections" officially ended! After more than and 10 days and two days of submission of the vote competition, Yao Hong, Rico, Du Youwei, circle of tyrants, enjoy life (Yao Yi), unforgettable, Xu and Never give up, every day, Xu Ting sea ripples ten players of the most popular, will be broadcast on the "Sports night line" in tomorrow. Welcome to the crowd! Shanghai International Marathon has just ended, but running fitness has to continue! The five-star show invite you fifth ran the show! The fifth period fifth show | theme: "ran the show" running is the most simple exercise, as well as the environmental factor the most abundant movement in running, we can often encounter different surprises: in case in case of beauty beauty with extraordinary creativity: in persistence oneself down put you in the running of what one sees and hears to share with you ~ participation rules submission requirements: Video photos must be related to the theme and the original, clear picture can be. Contribution entrance: enter the five-star sports public home page, click on the bottom of the dialog to upload their own title and video photos. (if you can write a little story that would be even better ~) deadline: the deadline for submission of this issue is 24 in November 13th, on the day of November, 15. The award rules: all uploaded works will be exhibited in the five-star show column, the final vote in the five-star sports public number, the largest number of the top five in the Star Sports TV show. Copyright notice: all contributors to the user’s work, as well as the name and head of WeChat will be used to display in the five-star sports WeChat platform or five star sports TV program, the submission is deemed to authorize.相关的主题文章: