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The news is crazy these days. It seems like I’m constantly bombarded with news about some terrorist attack, or a terrorist who was apprehended, or soldiers killed trying to stop terrorists. It’s scary as hell. All this talk of terrorism has everyone living with at least a small cloud over their heads. I remember watching the 9/11 attacks and trembling as I watched in fear – and confusion. At first I assumed it was just some kind of an accident. But then when the second plane it, I froze. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Someone actually did this…on purpose. From that, terrorism has been on the tips of our tongues. Everyone has an opinion. To me, based on what I’ve learned so far, terrorism is the result of something almost every society is going through. One of the biggest obstacles that men have to overcome is a sensually repressed upbringing. Whether you were raised Catholic, Muslim, or Hindu, or whatever else, too many boys are being raised to feel ashamed of their bodies, and their sensual nature. I was lucky. My parents weren’t overly strict in this regard. But I still had to overcome feeling "un-sexy" and being scared to express myself around attractive women, for fear of being ridiculed and rejected. It seems like the societies that foster the most terrorists are also the ones with the most sensual repression. These are places where women are subjugated by men for fear of extreme punishment. There are such things as "honor killings" where a woman can be legally killed because she had extra-marital intercourse. The men are not allowed to see pornography or touch members of the opposite gender. Religion and politics are somewhat related in this world. And it’s not just in foreign countries. I’m sure you recall the story about the FBI breaking up a polygamy ring – essentially an entire town was the headquarters for a cult-like religious group that subjugated women and exiled young men so that the elder males could have more females to themselves. Sensual repression leads to all sorts of problems. But there’s another factor involved when it comes to terrorism. And it’s something we are dealing with right here in America. It’s the myth of money. When you are bombarded with images of affluency, and taught all your life that you are entitled to whatever you want, that you can be and have anything you want, you develop a certain attitude about money. But then when your access to money is limited such that you can’t BE affluent, you get frustrated, angry, depressed…and you begin to freak out.g. by adopting a fundamentalist religion. There are powers at work controlling your access to money, mating, and happiness. Thinking that you need money, but don’t have money, is the foundation of crime – it’s why Americans are so violent. This applies to mating as well. When you are bombarded with intimate charged images, and told that you are a loser if you’re not getting laid, then you will have a certain NEED for intercourse. But without a means to get that need met, you will get upset. Very upset. Imagine a young man full of testosterone and a need to make a life for himself in the world…but he is poor, his family is poor, and he is not allowed any sensual release. He could be in Texas, or he could be in Syria. It doesn’t matter. Humans are all the same – we can wrap it up in a religious package, or a scientific one, or a political one. But what people really want is opportunity and fair treatment. We want to be free to pursue our own happiness. And we have basic biological and emotional needs that must be met if we are to function as productive, healthy beings. Terrorism is really a combination of two things: 1. Lack of needs met 2. Opportunistic politicians/clergy that use brainwashing to leverage these unmet needs to their agenda The angry, frustrated man is looking for a way, a path to take so that he can FEEL BETTER, feel like a full human being. And then a charismatic, outspoken, dogmatic guy comes along and claims to have the answers. He puts on a big show and "looks the part" with his dress and entourage. He has a lot of complex theories and explanations for why his way is better, and how you will fail if you don’t follow his strict guidelines. There is no room for the individual – just dogma or death. As a guy who has struggled with women, you can see how upsetting it can be to a) be sensually frustrated, b) feel like you don’t have enough money or status, c) be confused by how to change it! And then you have all these "gurus" teaching you routines and techniques and rules that THEY MADE UP! This is a tragic illustration of just how important it is to be fulfilled in certain areas of your life. Simply being deprived can make you do crazy things and follow bad advice. If only men knew what they really needed to know early on. If only men didn’t have to suffer and lash out, or live a life of quiet despair. There should be options. Options mean freedom. Freedom begins in your mind. And every man deserves freedom, whether he’s a poor kid in some poor fundamentalist home, or a middle-class kid brainwashed from TV and socially isolated from suburban sprawl. I just wanted to share my thoughts because lately I’ve been feeling really feel good about what I’m giving to the world. Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo 相关的主题文章: