Sino French life insurance frequent changes in the solvency of the red light winbook

Sino French life insurance frequent changes in the solvency of the light red Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Because the former major shareholder of Sino French life behind the post group, once glory, and with a new post group, China Post life, Sino French life nightmare began, for many years continuously, two discrete business stagnation. Until last year, the new shareholders CFC group and DHI Jiuding settled, it seems to Sino French life brought a slim chance of survival recruiting, restart the business. However, more than a year later, the Sino French life did not see improvement, the capital increase is not in place, once again into a dilemma, the solvency of the recent disclosure of negative, has long been below the regulatory red line. Solvency red September 5th, Sino French life in the official website for the solvency ratio disclosure of temporary information display, as of the end of 8, the Sino French comprehensive life insurance solvency adequacy ratio was -20%, lower than the regulatory solvency requirements. Before the end of the two quarter of the company’s Solvency Index was also more than 185.38%, more than the regulatory red line. In just two months, the core index companies face, can not help but staggering. According to regulatory requirements, solvency adequacy ratio is negative, is bound to be limited in new business, new institutions, new investment, etc.. It is understood that the so-called solvency refers to the ability of insurance companies to fulfill the obligations of compensation or payment, in the two generation of compensation, the consolidated solvency adequacy ratio should be maintained at more than 100% to meet regulatory requirements. From the Sino French life data disclosed, the solvency adequacy ratio of Sino French life is in a state of linear decline. The report shows that China and France in 2015 solvency adequacy ratio was 996%, compared with a decrease of 222 percentage points in the end of the first quarter of this year, the core data of $578.23%. Yesterday, the Beijing Business Daily reporter called the Sino French life asked solvency adequacy ratio fell from 996% to -20% reasons, the person in charge said he did not know. An insurance industry explained that the consolidated solvency adequacy ratio = the actual capital minimum capital. From the Sino French life in recent years, the annual report and the solvency report, in the actual capital investment, the asset side of the equity allocation ratio is relatively low, mainly in fixed income, assets recognized little change, but from the two quarter of this year solvency report, the liability side of 190 million yuan from the first quarter of the recognized liabilities increased to 225 million yuan in the two quarter, resulting in the actual capital greatly reduced. The issue of short deposit renewal of universal insurance is expected to settle the yield is too high, there is a spread loss, resulting in the lowest capital increase. French life also explained that last year solvency adequacy ratio difference of 222 percentage points over the previous year, the main reason is the change of equity of the company after the business development of the re planning, the work is in the planning stage, the company since 2015, mainly by the resources investment, benefit is not fully reflected, resulting in actual capital reduction, solvency the rate of decline. The blood has not yet been to just reforming business of Sino French life相关的主题文章: