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Business A wide range of Silicone Rubber Gaskets is available in market. Silicone Rubber Gasket is a kind of Rubber Gasket among many other kinds of Rubber Gaskets. Other kinds of Rubber Gaskets include Autoclave Gaskets, Endless Gaskets, Inflatable Gaskets, PTFE Envelope Gaskets, Sponge Gasket and Tri Clover Gaskets. All these Gaskets are available in varied colors and are utilized for different purposes. Silicone Rubber Gaskets are used extensively in all kinds of industries including engineering industry, aircraft industry, building industry to name a few. The main use of Silicone Rubber Gaskets is as a seal between two surfaces to prevent from liquid or gas leakages. Let us know which materials are used for making Silicone Gaskets: Nitrile Rubber- Nitrile Rubber used in Silicone Gasket can easily withstand temperature between -65 to 300 degree Fahrenheit. This property of Nitrile rubber makes Silicone Rubber Gasket capable of withstanding adverse climatic conditions. Moreover, this rubber does not easily crack. Fluorocarbon- Most commonly known by the name of Viton, fluorocarbons has the ability to accommodate the temperature range which is more than that of Nitrile Rubber. Fluorocarbons are used in various applications like oils, fluids and gases and sometimes in case of certain acid types also. Neoprene- It can withstand even the lowest of temperature and that is why it is mainly used in refrigerators and air conditioner units. Silicone- Silicones are known to retain their quality in the extreme of heat, but severe movement or pressure render silicone useless. Moreover silicone has many properties like low toxicity, thermal stability, very good water repellent, good resistance against sunlight and oxygen, non-sticky and also has very good electrical insulation. No doubt these qualities of silicon make it the best choice for use in Silicone Rubber Gaskets. PTFE- Water has no adverse effect on PTFE, which is why it is extensively used as a component for making Silicone Gaskets. Shree Gaurav Rubber Products are among the leading Rubber Products Manufacturer and Exporter of Silicone Rubber Gaskets, and many other Rubber Products like Sponge Gasket, Rubber Sheets, Silicone O-Rings, Silicone Rubber Cord, Silicone Transparent Tubing, Silicone Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Bottle Stopper etc. The Gaskets which they manufacture are of high quality that can perform well even with other rubber material, any kind of metal and wood also. At present, the company has its business in entire India, Middle East Asia and Europe. To know more about Shree Gaurav Rubber, log on to .gauravrubbers.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: