Should You Buy A Timeshare Resale Or From A Timeshare

Vacation-Rentals It is easy to get confused when trying to decide whether to buy you first timeshare on the resale market or directly from the timeshare developer or resort. The decision can be hard because both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Buying a timeshare on the resale market through auction websites or classified ads is a new concept .pared to buying one directly from the developer, which is the way timeshares have been bought from the beginning. Thanks to the Internet, everything is at the doorstep of potential buyers, and this has helped the timeshare market. Prospective buyers can obtain more information about a property and have a wider selection because of websites like eBay.., bidshare.. and redweek… Ten years ago the situation was totally different. Buyers bought their timeshares after attending presentations that were hosted by timeshare developers. The decision to buy a timeshare was often based on impulse and was not made following any analysis or research. The rise of Internet auction sites has given buyers a powerful ability to research timeshare prices in advance, even when they plan to attend a timeshare presentation. Today, buyers can make more informed decisions than was possible in the past. Buying through the resale market also enables a buyer to avoid the stress of sitting through a tedious timeshare presentation. Some of these presentations go on for ninety minutes or more. At the end of the presentation, buyers who attended because of the promised free gift are subjected to high pressure selling techniques, often causing them to sign the paperwork and buy a timeshare. As far cost is concerned, the price of a unit purchased through a developer includes the cost of the presentation, the free gifts and the advertising. These costs add up to being a huge 40% of the total price of the unit, and sometimes exceed the entire price of a resale. A person buying a timeshare through the resale market can buy it for 30% to 50% less. Buying a resale also offers more choices and the freedom to select the desired unit while also knowing you are getting the best price. Buying a resale timeshare can save you thousands of dollars, so it is definitely worth it. Also buying through a resale market offers you more choice and freedom to select your desired unit and you know that you are getting the best price. It is definitely worth saving thousands of dollars by buying a resale. But there are good reasons to buy from a developer. There are many reputed .panies that have ventured into timeshare business like Marriott, Disney, and Hilton etc. When you are buying through a resale market there is a margin of doubt whether your investment is secured or not and the trust factor is low. Where as the timeshare developers spend fortunes in the development of timeshares and have great reputation and thus can be easily trusted. They give you the best and the latest amenities which you can never get from a resale unless it’s a relatively new unit. Another high point of buying through a developer is that they offer many incentives and benefits to their customers in the form of bonus weeks, discounts on attraction tickets, car rentals and much more. On the other hand these benefits may not be available to you if you bought your timeshare through resale market as many developers does not allow timeshare resale units with same amenities .pared to those who bought directly from them. Also the developers usually offer many financing options that you may not get if you buy from a resale market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: