Shenzhen’s largest seafood restaurant to sell a hundred delicacy 28 yuan sell crazy winavi video converter

Shenzhen’s largest seafood restaurant to sell a hundred delicacy 28 yuan sell crazy just to the new garden city (Shenzhen branch) a vegetarian, I feel very surprised. One is surprised with the 4000 m2 large business area, the size of the vegetarian buffet restaurant is extremely rare; the two is surprised with the buffet 28 yuan booked consumption price, actually can eat about one hundred and fifty kinds of dishes, cold dishes, pastries, in health soup, fresh fruit…… (two floor of the self-service hot pot net consumption price is only $38.) Shenzhen was the leader of the "New Garden Seafood Restaurant" has now become a large vegetarian buffet restaurant (source: Donglin Temple) we are very curious, in the land of Shenzhen city of Futian District financial center, so scale is so low and the quality is not sloppy vegetarian buffet restaurant is how to do it? From the "seafood restaurant" to "a vegetarian", the new garden hidden behind what kind of unknown story? So he has been Shenzhen’s catering industry heavyweights speak of "new garden", in Shenzhen, Shantou catering sector almost Wurenbuxiao, Suilai boss Lin is a legend, was born in Shantou almost a poverty-stricken family, often eat a meal from Lin Suilai, only wish is to build up the family fortunes, too rich life. With Chaoshanese talented business minded and hard-working spirit, he is to sell fish fish porridge from vendor shop owner, and then to the seafood restaurant owner, even opened eight high-end seafood restaurant, and every family business is hot, earning large quantities of gold each day. Once, to guests from the Che Kung Temple headquarters of the door, the car has been parked to the Binhai Road, the restaurant had dispatched security by tour bus shuttle guests. In the best business period, the "new garden" has a staff of nearly six thousand people, the annual income of more than one hundred million yuan. "New garden" founder Mr. Lin Suilai (source: Donglin Temple) print money brings happiness is so short and all night of the "nouveau riche", let the children suffer great wealth once lived a wild life, luxury villas, top luxury cars, yachts, and even rented a small island…… However, as the restaurant opened more and more, but his temper is growing, the body is getting worse, the heart is more and more trouble. The trouble is that most of his son and fell in love with the gambling, spend money like water, even once a night to lose tens of millions. If the pursuit of money brings happiness, is the initial direction of the struggle Suilai Lin, after a successful venture he fell into great confusion…… What is the real, lasting happiness? At this time, Lin Suilai and his wife introduced a friend to participate in the study of traditional culture. Live a lot of people and, no smoking, no drinking, no meat, seven in the world, they should feel comfortable, comfortable hitherto unknown, look back at the previous day, become very boring is not the meaning, so they go home to become a vegetarian. The luxury Ocean View Villa, has been used in traditional culture training for many years (source: Donglin Temple) amounting to hundreds of fish Death soul shaking a forest, and Suilai family drove self-made yacht play, landed a big fish, when open the belly of the fish, they were shocked — dozens of fish from the mother’s stomach a slide out. Although they put small fish相关的主题文章: