Shenyang wife after consultation by the fine production of the female sterile husband refused to rai-candy boy

After the negotiation of Shenyang’s wives, the husband and wife were indifferent to each other, and finally decided to go to a large hospital in Shenyang. Zhang Li said, "diagnosed: my husband has no sperm, no fertility." The diagnosis was like a bolt from the blue to Zhang Li who had always loved children. In desperation, Zhang Li recalled, "after third years of marriage," my husband and I decided to adopt sperm bank artificial insemination way to give birth to children." So, after fifth years of marriage, Zhang Li succeeded in making a healthy daughter. I thought the happy life of a family of three would begin, but the husband was indifferent to the child who had no blood relationship. So, in about four months after the birth of a child, her husband Zhang Li will be taken to court for divorce, her husband did not appear in court, the court rejected the appeal of divorce. After her daughter was born half a year ago, her husband Wang Qiang went abroad alone and has not returned to China so far. Zhang Li, who was angry and helpless, once again sued the court. She thought that the defendant had deliberately concealed the physiological defects that could not be given birth before marriage, which seriously affected the life of the couple. After the birth of the daughter, the defendant failed to fulfill the obligation of upbringing, which led to the failure of the marriage relationship and the emotional rupture. In this trial, Wang Qiang, who was a foreign country, still did not appear in court and did not submit written reply. The court held that, in this case, the plaintiff and the defendant was voluntary registration of marriage, but after marriage, the two sides did not establish the sincere feelings of the couple, the plaintiff to the court for divorce, after being rejected by the court, the plaintiff to sue for divorce, both the feelings have been broken, so the plaintiff’s claim for divorce court. Support. Regarding the upbringing of daughters, in view of the fact that the child is still young and has lived with her mother, the court considers that it is appropriate for the plaintiff to raise her daughter from the point of view of the healthy growth of her children. The plaintiff claims to raise his daughter by himself, and the court allows him to do so.

沈阳妻子协商后借精产女 不育丈夫冷漠拒绝抚养   夫妻俩在互相猜忌和埋怨之下,最终决定一同前往沈阳一家大型医院就诊。张丽表示,“经确诊:我的丈夫无精子,无生育能力。”这个诊断结果对于一向喜欢孩子的张丽犹如晴天霹雳。无奈之下,张丽回忆,在婚后第三年,“我和丈夫协商,决定采取精子库人工授精的方式生育子女。”   于是,在婚后第五年,张丽成功产下一个健康的女儿。本以为一家三口的幸福生活就要开始了,可丈夫却对这个没有血缘关系的孩子不管不问,态度冷漠。于是,在孩子出生大约四个月后,张丽将丈夫诉至法院提出离婚,丈夫未出庭应诉,离婚诉求被法院驳回。   在女儿出生半年后,丈夫王强便独自前往国外,至今未返回中国。气愤又无助的张丽再次向法院起诉,她认为,被告婚前有意隐瞒不能生育的生理缺陷,严重影响了夫妻生活,女儿出生后,被告不履行抚养义务,致使婚姻关系不能维持、感情破裂。   这一次庭审,身在国外的王强仍是未到庭应诉,也未提交书面答辩意见。法院认为,本案中,原、被告双方虽系自愿登记结婚,但婚后双方并未建立起真挚的夫妻感情,原告诉至法院要求离婚,被法院驳回后,原告再次起诉要求离婚,说明双方的感情已经破裂,故对于原告要求离婚的诉讼请求,法院予以支持。   关于女儿的抚养问题,鉴于孩子尚年幼且一直随同母亲一起生活,从有益于子女健康成长的角度考虑,法院认为由原告抚养女儿为宜。原告主张自行抚养女儿,法院判决准许。相关的主题文章: