Shanghai travel service to become a hot holiday complaints rose 10.3%

Shanghai travel service has become a holiday hot complaints rose 10.3% reporters yesterday from the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee was informed that during the National Day holiday this year, the city Consumer Protection Committee at all levels of consumer complaints 741, an increase of 2.9%. Tourism service has become a hot holiday complaints. National Day holiday travel has become the first choice for many consumers, but also led to the catering, transportation and other related services market demand. During the holiday period, a total of 171 complaints involving tourism services, an increase of 10.3%, accounting for nearly 1/4 of the total complaints. Compared with the same period last year, the meal ticket refund change problem was reduced, complaints related to tickets and hotel accommodation increased. Reflect the main problems: first, the online travel platform unilaterally cancel or change orders, the hotel side of the temporary requirements of consumers to increase, the actual conditions of accommodation and publicity does not occur when the situation occurs. Two tickets is difficult to honor tickets, consumers booking tickets in advance, it is difficult to use the normal exchange, the impact of travel arrangements. The three is the follow-up flight security is not in place, flight cancel, delay, change, overbooking and other abnormal situation, the airline inform is not timely, not clear, the subsequent remedial measures in place, consumer dissatisfaction caused. Online games, playgrounds, movies and other industries has gradually become a new holiday consumer formats, at the same time, a substantial increase in the number of complaints related trends. During the National Day holiday, the city Consumer Protection Committee received a total of 45 complaints, an increase of double. The team because of the random game account closure consumer complaints up to 13 pieces, complaints reflect the team still has the unreasonable rules of the game and incomplete closure process, smooth complaint channels etc.. In addition, playground, swimming pool and other parts of the equipment failure or frequent use of suspension, the park management department is not timely or not to explain the interpretation of the consumer dissatisfaction.相关的主题文章: