Shanghai during the National Day holiday safe and orderly minmi

Shanghai during the National Day holiday – safe and orderly Beijing new network in Shanghai in October 7, (Li Shuzhi) from September 30th to October 7th, according to the actual security work, Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of the implementation of the social aspects of prevention and control of level one and level two service levels, public security police and armed police dispatched a total of more than 22 people, to ensure that the city society and focus regional peace order. As of press time reporter, no major criminal, public security cases and major traffic accidents, fire accidents, the city’s social order and stability. According to the Ministry of public security, the municipal government work arrangements, director of vice mayor, City Public Security Bureau Bai Shaokang asked the city’s public security organs at all levels must be "fine fine, false and real, stricter and strict working attitude, strictly implement the measures of the security work, strengthen the crowded places and large-scale activities on-site control to create a safe and orderly social environment. Since September 30th, the Party committee member of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with their respective duties, further division of labor, transportation hubs, crowded places, roads and other front-line supervision and inspection of regional security and traffic regulation. To strengthen the patrol prevention and control to ensure the safe and orderly society faces in order to ensure the safety and order during the holiday season, the Shanghai public security organs to strengthen the social patrol control, strict implementation of anti-terrorism measures, all-weather thousands of police centralized Beiqin, ready to do a good job at the sudden emergency preparation. Adhere to the dominant use of the police organization, special mobile teams, police motorcycle patrol, armed police patrol the street joint armed forces in the Bund, Yu Garden, little Lujiazui, people’s Square, East Nanjing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street, Shanghai international tourism resort and Shanghai Tourism Festival to places and other key areas, strengthen the armed patrols and enhance the "point guard, see alarm rate and deterrence. During the holiday, the City Public Security Bureau always keep all kinds of criminal crackdown trend, during the holiday to the usurpation of such cases, the organization undercover commandos, in the street, rail station and other areas to carry out uninterrupted combat, purification Festival social security environment, enhance people’s sense of security "". Strengthen safety management to ensure safety in crowded places 150 large-scale activities held open day and national day period, the Municipal Public Security Bureau to strengthen the risk assessment, careful work to develop security programs and emergency response plans, strengthen the control order, to ensure absolute safety. Gathering places in the Bund, Nanjing Road, Lujiazui and other small groups, through the Wi-Fi sniffer, video automatic recognition, eye warning technology of large passenger flow, real-time accurate grasp of key regional traffic changes, timely switch over the road vehicle traffic control, social control measures, crowded on the steps, on the downhill, the corner office to strengthen the police deployment, to prevent the flow of the hedge, to ensure the safe and orderly. The city fire department invested a total of 64 thousand officers and soldiers to carry out fire combat readiness, and organization more than a special inspection teams to crowded places to carry out the rolling inspection, timely rectification of fire hazards. Strengthen the traffic regulation to ensure the smooth flow of road traffic safety at all levels of public security organs to increase police into the plan of social control and traffic violations remediation work, remediation in the "prevention and control, prevention and control" in regulation, strengthen the urban trunk roads,)相关的主题文章: