Shanghai District in the next few years, the new school inventory which children will be able to ent ratatouille

Shanghai District in the next few years, the new school inventory which children will be able to enter school? Remember a few months ago, the circle of friends have a message that Shanghai will meet the worst in the history of the young up small war, because too many babies born in the year of the dragon, and the number of schools in Shanghai are in decline, their children is not optimistic, in fact, this is one of many logical fallacies (click to view the entrance to the broadcast: the tragic young liter small war should come?). However, the school is indeed the focus of attention of parents, who do not want more new schools, children go to school less competition, more choices. In the next few years, Shanghai district will be the birth of the new school? Jinshan Hangzhou Bay bilingual school time: September 2017 to Xinghewan bilingual school, bilingual school and Hangzhou Bay belong to a group of Hangzhou Bay is one of the most enthusiastic bilingual school to discuss the parents circle in Shanghai some time ago, the school of education by the Shanghai City, the former Shanghai high school principal benefactor, founder of Mr. Tang Shengchang. Shanghai Jinshan Hangzhou Bay bilingual school is located in the Xia Ning Lu Jinshan Industrial Zone No. 366, covers an area of 100 mu (a), construction area of 48665 square meters. The size of the school for primary school, middle school, high school twelve year boarding school, the kindergarten will bid for a year after high school as a temporary school in Shanghai Xinghewan bilingual school, a school enrollment for primary school 500 (20 classes), 400 junior high school (16 classes). The Gulf of Hangzhou bilingual school sharing in Shanghai Wo Jia Education Alliance under the banner of the Chinese education middle school, high school, Zhang Jiang school, kamitakara group Xinghewan bilingual school education, teaching resources, teachers and educational experience. The school will form their own characteristics in the course of bilingual teaching, course framework, developing school-based curriculum, class size, class system, hierarchical, selective as the main characteristics of teaching, foreign teachers the main subjects in the ratio close to 1:1. Admission object is expected to be the independent recruitment, according to Xinghewan recent news release, Hangzhou Bay bilingual school in the upcoming October 29th (Saturday) at 1:30 pm (Minhang District Xinghewan Waldo Road No. 2588) held in high school and primary school curriculum will be introduced that will set the small junior high school, school curriculum, and to do a detailed explanation on the parents care about the problem. Xiao Bian learned that the latest news will be synchronized in time. Jinshan Jinshan world foreign language school time: September 2017 in Shanghai world foreign language middle school in July last year, Jinshan District people’s government, Shanghai Junyao (Group) Co., Ltd. cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony was held in the conference center. According to the agreement, Junyao group will hold a fifteen year system private school in the new city of Jinshan, Jinshan school called "Shanghai world foreign language school". The new school and Junyao group under the Shanghai world foreign language school education resource sharing, education management, the overall linkage mode of operation, the school should become a national leading and first-class private schools. Cooperation in the term limit from September 1, 2017 until the end of August 31, 2037, a total of 20 years. The new school construction to be completed before the end of June 2017, opened in September 1st. At the same time, in order to increase the Jinshan District basic education service efforts, Junyao group will show相关的主题文章: