Shaanxi immediately carry out the construction safety inspection to eliminate hidden dangers polartec

Shaanxi immediately carry out construction safety inspection to eliminate the hidden danger in November 24, 2016 at about 7:40, Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant three projects under construction site construction of cooling tower platform collapse, has caused 74 deaths, 2 people injured. For the profound lessons, to further improve the work of production safety in our province, in accordance with the "Safety Committee Office of Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant" 11· state; 24 "cooling tower construction platform collapse bulletin" especially serious accident, yesterday, the provincial security commissioned issued an emergency notice, from that date to the end of December, to carry out safety construction inspection in the province. Inspection scope of the province’s construction projects in various sectors of the industry under construction. Focus on remediation of various types of construction platform, high security risks exist in each link of heavy machinery, erecting machine, scaffolding, formwork support system and illegal operation behavior; power companies should focus on inspection of the construction site cranes, scaffolding and other safety measures, safety hazard investigation management of the implementation of corrective measures. The main contents of the construction project for the implementation of the capital construction procedures, including the project, construction drawings review, construction permits, quality and safety supervision and other construction procedures. Investigate and deal with violations of statutory construction procedures and illegal subcontracting, subcontracting, calling behavior. In the construction engineering project construction site safety hazards investigation and management and the implementation of the rectification, especially involving scaffolding, deep foundation pit, construction, tall template making, demonstration and implementation of heavy machinery risk sub engineering safety special construction plan. The construction unit of the "three people" and the project production safety full-time management personnel and equipped with special operations personnel certificates; safety management of the deep foundation pit, high formwork, scaffolding and other key parts of the project, the construction hoisting machinery for heavy machinery production rights record, installation and disassembly to inform and use registration filing procedures such as building up the situation. The construction unit of the project inspection, safety hazards rectification; enterprises responsible person and the person responsible for the project implementation in project class system; construction safety emergency rescue plan formulation, drills and related material, equipment configuration and maintenance. The implementation of the construction site fire prevention responsibility, mainly in accordance with the provisions of the construction site fire facilities and fire, electricity, gas, combustible and flammable and explosive dangerous goods safety management system implementation. Newspaper reporter Zhao Ming, Zhang Wei相关的主题文章: