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September "war" to screen   5 spy war drama, war drama launched, entertainment channel, original title: September "war" to "screen hero" poster "anger" stills "double gun god" stills "rouge" stills in September, Xian Xia fantasy hot summer already the theme of war receded, opened the "screen" mode, the spy drama is heady: Dongyu Zhou and Li Yifeng’s Spy Drama debut "sparrow" in Hunan satellite TV broadcasting, video Tencent, two Spy Drama "hero" and "anger" double tonight will be landing in Jiangsu TV, Zhao Liying at the end of the month is about to launch the "rouge" offer Spy Drama debut. In addition, China’s first artillery theme TV series gun god also landed yesterday CCTV eight sets. "Sparrow", starring Dongyu Zhou in "rookie agent: Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou, Li Xiaoran and other broadcast time: September 5th broadcast platform: Tencent video, Hunan satellite TV" sparrow "story in battles on the eve of the Communist Party of China, tells the code named" sparrow "under the party lurking to steal information stories in the Wang puppet spy headquarters that brings together several high Yan value actors, such as the first play spy war drama Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou’s former lover, Zhang Ruoyun and Dongyu Zhou as husband and wife. In the play, Dongyu Zhou interpretation of a rookie agent, the growth story of Xu Bicheng. "Rouge": Zhao Liying from the university into a female agent starring Zhao Liying Lu Yi, broadcast time: September 27th broadcast platform: Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV costume specialist Zhao Liying, the end of this month will also offer up their Spy Drama debut. Metamorphosis, and enemy agents of female students turned female agents and burned the brain and drew Zhiyong deal, and three heavy spy Dadanaonao love…… The Spy Drama directed by Xu Jizhou, there should be a quality guarantee. "Anger:" the war hero "Youth" a companion starring Wang Lei, Deng Jiajia and other broadcast time: September 7th Jiangsu TV broadcast platform: "the war youth" (the original "flag") was the king of Jiangsu TV drama ratings, had a record breaking 3% finale ratings miracle. As a "war of youth," the sister article, starring Wang Lei, Deng Jiajia, the hero of the fire naturally concern. The play tells the story in the Shanghai island during the period, the Japanese invaders of China secret opium trade, by Yuan Shuai (Wang Leishi) and Guan Shuang (Deng Jiajia) led by the young rebel story, the affection and patriotism is the drama conflict point the largest and one of surprise. "Double": Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen to play a couple agent Starring: Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen and other broadcast time: around September 29th in Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast platform: "fury hero", starring Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen partner of the Spy Drama "double" will then file broadcast. In the play, the liberation of Chengdu in 1949 as the background, tells the story of Peng Gang (Zu Feng), Wu Peixin (Prince gloze) the identity opposition agents in the new China couple, grief at separation and joy in union was established on the occasion of the story. The play had been broadcast in a number of terrestrial channels, good reputation. The producers stressed that "no" in the current hot double small fresh, small flowers, but the focus)相关的主题文章: