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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual many parents watch their children spend all of time on their study but did not improve performance not impatient. At this time the students see their parents anxious appearance, he will follow up. In fact, if at this time the students can calm down and carefully analyze their learning situation, and parents to communicate with the exam to adjust the appropriate learning situation, perhaps he can find tips to mention points. But most students can’t do it. There are a lot of parents on WeChat asked me what my kids want to do to improve their performance Is it hard or hard? Perhaps, the next senior teacher’s words can give you the answer. The old teacher as a teacher for more than 30 years, he told me the only study habits is the primary and middle school students can long-term control and change, and it is decided that the children learning habits in daily learning and examination of the outcome. His heart son to share 7 students should cultivate good habits: first, four excellent classroom habits > > > > 1, permanent small target includes two categories, one is the long-term stability of the target, the short term will not change, this is a kind of needless to say; short term goals, including one minute goals. This kind of variability is very strong, but it plays a decisive role in academic performance, but it is ignored by most students, it is worth mentioning. Only about one of the qualities that can really make a difference is self-control. The small target is the beginning of training self-control. For example, you ask yourself one minute before each class no nonsense, but a review of yesterday’s wrong knowledge: for example, you are right-handed, you can consciously use the left hand; every word you can force yourself to say must be clear thinking, logic…… This small goal will not allow you to receive the amount of knowledge, but can unconsciously make your self-control more and more strong. Can guanzhuziji, also blocked the negative interference, so the study on the "goals", it will be more down to earth, this is the "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". > > > > 2, preview has two purposes: first, the efficient use of classroom time. A class, you can’t do all 45 minutes on, but since the early learning had know where their pain points, when the teacher talked about the pain point, naturally will not miss, are more likely to listen to the thorough. Classroom use efficiency will be much higher. On the contrary, do not preview, class passive follow the teacher, the class will pay twice the price of time, but also thankless effort. The two is to gain psychological advantage. When you can be so efficient learning, can achieve a "list of small hills" psychological advantage, and gain confidence, rising above. So, you know, although in the same classroom, at the same time, the teacher starts from the same point, but each student’s painting相关的主题文章: