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See the movie "you and me" director Xie Yihang first released cinema – Sohu entertainment saw me and your poster youth director Xie Yihang Sohu entertainment news by Danson Tang, Liu Xuan, Liu Can, Du Haitao, Wu Xin starred in the movie "see" you and me today landing national cinema, the film directed by a young director Xie Yihang, who has a network movie click record popularity director to play for the first time in movie theaters, "you and me" to see the highly anticipated. Directed by Xie Yihang, Danson Tang, Du Haitao, help the screenwriter, Liu Xuan Liu Can, who starred in the movie love comedy "see you and me" and today officially landing national cinema, the film with the theme of love, in youth, horror, action, fantasy, through the various elements in one, full of surprise. Liu Can and Danson Tang in the film crazy love drama, as Liu Xuan almost strike violently. "I see you" and the film director Xie Yihang, in "the spirit of the sword", "sword", "Drunken Master king", "The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain" and other film and television works have left Xie Yihang effort and sweat. In recent years, Xie Yihang actively join the network big movie, directed "teenager", "dance", "lace edge version of spring", "demon" fan "tianshic a" network handler movie have exceeded a million or even tens of millions of hits. From the embryonic form of the script to the creation, from the production to the final formation of a product, Xie Yihang through the production and success of a large network of film industry has gradually become a famous film director. See the movie "you and me" is Xie Yihang’s first cinema in the mountains, there are a lot of network to the success of the film, the first cinema Xie Yihang appeared calm and calm. Network movie from the imagination and space are more diverse, and the cinema feature films are more long-term planning, work in film and television for many years, the footsteps of Xie Yihang with a new attitude to embark on a new journey, and get a large number of star performers to join a Yihang trust, thanks for a large number of fighting video scenes researchers injected a booster.相关的主题文章: