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Sedentary sedentary white-collar   disease; how to kill? Shaanxi Channel – original title: the death of how sedentary sedentary white-collar beverages? White collar women often sit in the office, in addition to face the computer radiation every day, sedentary exercise is not easy to damage health. Sedentary will not only trigger systemic muscle soreness, but also aggravate the disease of the lumbar spine and cervical spondylosis. 1, the lack of stomach sedentary body movement, will cause gastrointestinal motility, reduce secretion of digestive juice, a long time will lead to loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal distension and other symptoms. 2, heart and lung sedentary enough blood to chest, resulting in human heart, further reduce lung function, increase in older people with heart disease and respiratory diseases such as emphysema, infection, delayed healing. 3, the injured muscles will cause abdominal muscle ache, stiff neck and headache dizziness, aggravating lumbar disease and cervical spondylosis. 4, loss and sedentary back neck and shoulder continued to maintain a fixed position, between the disc and ligament long time in a tense stalemate, will lead to stiff neck pain and back pain, or pitch turned difficult. Especially improper posture (such as spinal continuous forward bending), but also easily lead to humpback and hyperosteogeny. 5, get brain damage sedentary, blood circulation slows down, it will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, the brain damage caused mental tired of trouble, or, as the body tired Shenpi, listlessness, yawn. If suddenly stood up, there will be dizziness and other symptoms. Sedentary thinking blood consumption of Yin, the elderly will lead to memory loss, lack of concentration. If the deficiency will lead to endogenous firelight, five upset hot, and dry throat, toothache, tinnitus, constipation. 6, intestinal injury sedentary can cause long-term rectal venous plexus near congestion, congestion levels increase, so that people’s hemorrhoids, leading to bowel bleeding, anal fissure disease. How to solve the problem of sedentary 1, against sedentary problem, the first step is to move up. Every 1-2 hours, the best stand up on the toilet, or move your body, don’t sit on the chair, motionless. 2, you can rotate the head to head back as far as possible, to lower the amount of down to the chest, neck and back muscles tighten and relax, and then slowly head motion, and tilt to the left and right sides of 10-15. Back then leaned back in his chair, hands on the back of the neck hold on a moment, relieve neck and shoulder discomfort. 3, can relieve the discomfort by tapping at the waist. First hands grip hollow punch, behind the backhand, with both hands back to boxing, rhythmically alternating with elastic percussion of sacrum. The first from the sacral hammer to hand to knock and so. Knock down again to the sacrum, from top to bottom, so repeatedly. (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: