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.puters-and-Technology In today"s hyper.petitive business environment, responding to business requirements as quickly as possible is the secret to business success. With applications being the lifeblood of today"s businesses, ensuring application delivery in a timely manner should be the top priority of any business enterprise. Today enterprises have multiple responsibilities to meet namely enhancing business processes, boosting employee productivity and improving customer experience. Hence, enterprises need a .prehensive application delivery solution that improves the availability, performance and security of applications so that the IP network across which the applications are delivered can respond to IT and business needs effectively. With the advent of virtualization, public and private clouds, the explosion in mobile traffic and the move towards new standards including IPv6 and 2048-bit encryption, enterprises need a solution that provides performance and scalability in line with the demands of mobile and cloud .puting and the agility to extract maximum efficiency and ROI from application infrastructure. This is possible with application delivery controllers . Wikipedia defines an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) as "a network device in the datacenter that helps perform .mon tasks done by websites in an effort to remove load from the web servers themselves." Since some ADCs provide load balancing, it is referred to as next generation load balancers . According to Gartner, "ADCs provide a set of functions to optimize enterprise application environments. The market evolved from the load-balancing systems that were specifically developed to ensure the availability and scalability of websites. Enterprises use ADCs to optimize reliability, end-user performance, data center resource use and security for a variety of enterprise applications." The following are some of the features and benefits of a best of breed Application Delivery Controller : * L4/L7 server load balancing , Link load balancing (LLB) , Global server load balancing (GSLB) * Highest performance ADC appliances on the market (up to 60Gbps) * Industry-leading HTTP and HTTPS throughput, concurrent connections, connections per second and SSL transactions per second * Superior performance within every market segment from the mid-market to the enterprise to the service provider , lowest-cost L7 requests per second, lowest-cost L4 connections per second, lowest-cost SSL transactions per second and lowest-cost SSL megabits per second * Green 1RU and 2RU space-saving designs with the lowest power consumption requirements available on the market * Proven 6 month average time period to achieve ROI for enterprise organizations , application-specific certifications Thus ADCs, which .bine cutting-edge performance and scalability with transformative features, provide an agile point of control for the data center and cloud, enabling enterprises and service providers to scale applications without sacrificing availability, performance or security. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: