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Sanya is the most can not miss the Sanya Bay sunset – Sanya Bay Tourism Sohu east of Sanya port, West to Tianya Bay, twenty miles of Binhai Road in the Gulf stretches, palm forest, in which the body like a painting. Sanya Bay Resort next to Sanya City, the city road through the sea. The background and the Gulf of Sanya landmarks, the Phoenix Island surrounded by the sea of Sanya Bay sunset and sunset is very spectacular, watching the sun go down nature put the sky as drawing board, paint a picture of a sunset wonderful picture is the nature of the God of the pen, in a good painter cannot describe. When the sun gradually sank, it emits a more gorgeous color, the color of the sky changes fast, sometimes yellow and red, and dark blue with purple afterglow, seems to be hard to break through the clouds, not resigned to playing second fiddle, gorgeous light mingled in the cloud, the sky is colorful. With countless changes on the surface of the sea. The boat is very rapid friction coordination into this spectacular picture. Tickets are completely free. [experience] because the Sanya Bay by the urban area so a little serious pollution of seawater, not suitable for swimming. The beach palm lined, through which the sun even more spicy also do not feel hot, not the Kui is ah Coconut Dream corridor. Of course, most can manifest the beauty of the Gulf of Sanya, is in the evening, the sky is red, sunset red whole sea. So the sunset in Sanya Bay is highly recommended.相关的主题文章: