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Sanya Baihua Valley, the new landmark of Yalong Bay – Sohu travel to Sanya, will not miss the Gulf of Sanya; then to the Gulf of Sanya, Yalong Bay Baihua Valley Business Center, how can we not go shopping?. Yalong Bay flowers Valley commercial center is located in the heart of Yalong Bay, here is whether dining, shopping or entertainment, all will make you satisfied. Under the blue sky and white clouds in Sanya, tropical vegetation is lined up on both sides of the street, as if to welcome every tourist who comes to the holiday. Side of the street can be clearly marked — Baihua Valley business district. Baihua Valley Business Center in front of Crowne Plaza Hotel, construction area of 35000 square meters, near the traffic developed. The business center is not only a subsidiary of the construction of the Holiday Inn, but is completely independent and open to the outside world, so whether or not to stay in this hotel, you can come to visit. That day I went to the tourists, and not particularly large, although consumption is higher than with the urban environment, but it is also elegant and comfortable, if not more, but it is worth to go. The flowers in the valley before the erection of a children’s entertainment district, like the Transformers version of the putting off, make snap, visitors should be careful, it seems small, the shape is exquisite, the first glance was shocked. Previously seen on the network of this picture, but did not expect to see the reality version, have to say, is a good work. There are many entertainment facilities in the business center of Baihua Valley, which is a good choice for parents and children. Flowers Valley as the core zone of Yalong Bay resort, in addition to rich tourist attractions in the "Baihua Valley" surrounding Yalong Bay, golf and red canyon golf courses are also relatively close to the position, by virtue of the unique advantages, there is travel, tourists and local high-end consumer gathering place. HelloKitty modeling theme KTV. There are a number of features in the Flower Valley Business Center, bars, KTV, SPA spa, mechanical and electronic gaming equipment and other recreational facilities, not only to enjoy the sun and the beach, but also to experience the same passion. A piece of grass. Flowers Valley Shopping Center, spacious and comfortable shopping space, all kinds of goods or a superb collection of beautiful things, it is worth around. In the valley of the world famous brand of the world’s top fashion brands, casual wear, golf series sporting goods, leather goods, accessories, watches, jewelry and other goods, available for tourists to choose and purchase. The center position of flowers Valley Business Center for Music Square Plaza is connected with flowers, three commercial street: Manhattan street, Champs Elysees street and Chang’an Avenue, Chang’an Avenue to the city of Changan which resembles the ARIMA Crowne Plaza Hotel lobby, if you can overlook the whole commercial center, will be filled with its extraordinary style! Baihua Valley business center is set to eat, play, buy one commercial street. Not only is the most familiar KFC, McDonald’s, pizza hut also brought together; Hunan, Sichuan, Guangdong, South Sea Food and Shanxi pasta, Beijing Roast Duck, of course, seafood is indispensable! Of course, the price will be slightly more expensive than the city center. If]相关的主题文章: