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Samsung two new smart watches do not need to connect the mobile phone Tencent Francisco September 1st, Samsung on Wednesday showed that two of the company’s new smart watches, including one named "Gear S3 Frontier", another is called "Gear S3 Classic". Samsung’s two new smart watches equipped with a large number of digital features, and battery life can be up to 4 days. Samsung seems that these two smart watches will outperform Apple’s Apple Watch. Samsung overwhelmed by the introduction of two new version of the S3 Gear smart watches, when Europe’s largest annual consumer electronics and home appliances trade fair IFA opened in Berlin on the eve of this week. Gear S3 Frontier smart watches with rugged outdoor design, while Gear S3 Classic is configured with a more refined design, however, the two new smart watches are equipped with a larger interface, the move may be in order to attract male consumers. Gear S3 Frontier smart watches equipped with cellular radio chip itself, which is connected with the high-speed 4G mobile network, intelligent mobile phone so that the watch does not need to rely on the user’s connection to dial the phone or send and receive data, this function is different from the apple Apple Watch. You know, Apple Watch requires users to use, must be connected to the smart watch iPhone. Of course, apple is still in the field of smart watches in the market leader, the company also plans to launch its new version of the Apple Watch 2 series of smart watches in the next week or so. Currently, apple is expected to launch in September 7th, the new smart watches, as well as new iPhone phones and computers and other products. Previously, some media have reported that Apple will launch a smart watch in 2017 to configure its own cellular wireless chip. However, from the current situation, Apple’s upcoming smart watches may not be configured such features, because the company is worried that this feature will shorten the battery life long. In fact, Apple’s current Apple Watch smart watch battery life after each charge is only about 24 hours long. Samsung’s latest smart watches with continuous color display, dust-proof and waterproof functions, but also the built-in speaker and GPS positioning function. In addition, these two new smart watches also allow users to provide Samsung Pay services in countries and regions using mobile payment function. Currently, Samsung has not announced the specific price of the new version of the Gear S3 series of smart watches, allegedly, these two new smart watches is expected before the end of this year to start selling. Samsung currently has a series of Gear S2 smart watches on the big site retail price of about $250 to $300. (compile the whole) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, pay attention to the VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual!相关的主题文章: