Samsung package under the mainstream U.S. newspaper layout, Note7 and washing machine accident apolo borderland

Samsung package under the mainstream U.S. newspaper layout, on the Note7 and washing machine accident apology – Sohu technology Samsung Note7 recall from the shelf to stop production, the recent washing machine problems and emergency recall. Lost money can make people scattered, but difficult to collect. In order to regain the trust of consumers in the United States, Samsung can be described as the foot of the Kung fu. This Monday, the three major newspapers in the United States "New York Times", "the Wall Street journal" and "Washington Post" published a full page advertisement: apology photograph: Twitter letter of apology from Samsung CEO Gregory Lee America president and signed apology mentioned: an important principle and commitment of Samsung is to provide safety and quality first-class. However, some recent events have shown that we are very sorry for the lack of commitment to this undertaking. Samsung will re-examine the device, including all the hardware, software, construction and overall battery structure, and will be improved as soon as possible, hoping to give us a little time to find out the problem. At present, the cause of the Note7 explosion is still under investigation, Samsung will announce the results as soon as possible after the identification. In addition to Galaxy Note7, Samsung’s apology letter also referred to the recent recall of millions of washing machines in the United states. Not long ago, as many as 34 models of Samsung washing machine in the United States there have been varying degrees of explosion, the company is actively taking measures to solve the problem. Samsung said that security is still their top priority, they will listen to the views of customers, and learn from the mistakes of the experience, hoping to win back your trust". However, compared with the sincere attitude and apologized several times of North America, Samsung is Chinese attitude to consumers will be ready to accept either course of the discrimination method, I’m afraid to lose a large number of consumers China heart.            相关的主题文章: