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Samsung is not the case, the lithium battery "and" the inventory of technology companies – Sohu technology [Technews] September 14th science news, twenty-first Century economic report learned from the Spring Airlines, Spring Airlines issued a safety warning on the same day, including the whole flight prohibited any mobile phone charging and including three star Galaxy Note 7, or as baggage etc.. At the same time, Spring Airlines also said that for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 warning information will be new to improve the aircraft before takeoff. In September 13th, there are media reports of HNA Group issued a safety warning on the Samsung Note 7 mobile phone, but has not yet been confirmed by HNA media. At present, domestic flights will not allow passengers to use the phone on the plane and charge the phone, so these security warning on the passenger impact of small, but it is not a small blow to samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Source:Flickr Aaron Yoo CC BY 2) but on the hit "ruthless", American airlines do wow. According to foreign media reports, the United States has issued a number of airlines ban passengers to use all Samsung mobile phones. Their reason is that, from the outside, it is difficult to find that the phone is not Note7, but it is easy to distinguish between Samsung phones. At this point, due to defects in lithium batteries, Samsung paid a heavy price. Let Samsung consolation is that science and technology circles, there are many Samsung unfortunately by the lithium battery drag "friends". As of June 2016, SONY announced a recall of about 1700 Vaio lithium ion batteries, these batteries may cause fire due to overheating; in March 2016, Toshiba also because of the fire risk in the United States to recall about 91 thousand laptop batteries; in 2014, due to overheating of the battery is easy to deform, Nikon decided to recall June 2005 to October sales in mainland China Nikon digital SLR cameras D50, D70, D70s, D100 using the lithium ion rechargeable battery EN-EL3, the number is 9725. Domestic manufacturers Lenovo has not been spared, in 2014, Lenovo announced the decision since March 27, 2014, recall some models of Think Pad notebook computer sells lithium ion battery between October 2010 and April 2011 in China mainland, involving the number of about 117732 taiwan. October 2013 to date, a number of Tesla electric car fire occurred, most of the power lithium battery…… Many technology companies on the list, reflecting the current lithium battery technology to improve the problem, which requires the industry to pay attention to the power of lithium batteries, and constantly improve the lithium相关的主题文章: