Samsung announced the sale of recall note7 Lanzhou market has been under the framework of the

Samsung announced the sale of the recall of Note7  the Lanzhou market has been fully under stand – Gansu channel — original title: Samsung announced the sale of Note7 to recall the Lanzhou market has been fully shelves in October 11th, Samsung announced the sale of Note7, China mainland has been sold to the mobile phone will also recall all. October 13th, the reporter visited the Lanzhou Samsung stores and communications market has learned that the current Note7 market in Lanzhou has been under the shelf, but the store is still hanging on the Note7 advertising. As for recall, stores and sales counters are said to have telephone or SMS to notify the user to purchase a replacement for mobile phone. After the Note7 offline basic shelves full of Note7 mobile phone market, no less "troublemakers", and spread the news of the explosion on mobile phone. With the continuous fermentation of Samsung Note7 mobile phone explosion, Samsung propaganda recall the phone sold in mainland china. In order to understand the market situation in Lanzhou, the reporter visited in October 13th. In Lanzhou the door wide Wu Samsung store and a number of mobile phone retail store Samsung counters, the reporter did not find the Note7 mobile phone on the counter. The clerk said, this mobile phone is off the shelf, "Lanzhou was listed on the new products later than first-tier cities, so not much amount of Note7 sold on the market in Lanzhou." The number of sales staff said, have a call or send text messages to remind users to buy, buy site registration and return. However, this is only for the purchase of Note7 users in the formal channels, and those who buy through private channels, and there is no formal invoice Note7 users, you need to call the Samsung aftermarket hotline detailed consultation. Subsequently, the reporter login Taobao Samsung’s official flagship store found that the Note7 advertising on the page is gone, the product has been on the shelf in October 11th. Similarly, Samsung’s official flagship store in Jingdong is also less than Note7 search products and information. Although Note7 has been under the framework, but the reporter noted that Note7’s advertising is still hanging in various sales counters, outdoor advertising is still large. Note7 repeated explosion events, Samsung mobile phone sales also caused a certain impact. "Note series of mobile phones are affected, but other Samsung Series sales can also be." Many sales staff said. When asked about the details of the recall process, but get a different answer. Some stores that can be changed back, there are individual stores that can only be exchanged for the same price with the brand or the same price of different brands of mobile phones, but can not return. To this end, the reporter called the headquarters of Beijing, the other asked the reporter to call the Samsung service hotline, but the hotline that reply, said the detailed procedures for the recall of Note7, Samsung can pay attention to the official website. Reporter login Samsung’s official website, the statement said: the return of the line version of the GalaxyNote7 products or other specific recall measures to replace other products, we have actively and relevant government departments to communicate. We guarantee that we will do our utmost to ensure that the implementation of the relevant measures is carried out in a convenient and efficient manner. For further information, we will相关的主题文章: