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Self-Improvement There are about 100 Adult Rehab Centers (ARC’s) operated by The Salvation Army in the United States. The goal of the drug treatment programs is to offer rehabilitation from chemical dependencies, learn helpful coping skills, and a faith-based life-style. The whole program helps patients live a life free from drugs and alcohol. Treatment Programs The patients remain in the rehabilitation center for 6 months or more. Patients are provided with necessary things like food and clothing, educational materials and job training. This will help patient to focus on the treatment programs and recovery. The patients work in the facility to do on-the-job training as part of the treatment plan. This will help them develop job skills that are helpful when they leave the center. Leisure and entertainment are also planned to balance their life in the center. These programs help participants adjust to the life after the treatment while fostering co-operation and social skills. Treatment Cost The Salvation Army drug treatment centers do not require health insurance or any money for the treatment. Patients work inside the facility as part of their treatment program at the same time earns to pay for their treatment. The Salvation Army Treatment Facilities do not solicit government aid for its services and programs. Moreover, they receive support from willing individuals, business groups as well as other .anization. The facility accepts items that can be sold in the Salvation Army thrift stores. The money earned will be utilized to finance the treatment center. Treatment Method The Salvation Army Drug and Alcohol Rehabs have a faith-based method of treatment. They accept patients who are self-referred or referred by friends, family or court who are willing to undergo Christian-based treatment programs. An interview is conducted to assess the condition of the patients and to see if they are fit for the treatment style. Those who cannot be taken in the treatment will be referred accordingly. All the programs of the ARC have the same goals, principles and philosophies but the programs may vary in different ARC rehabilitation centers. Treatment Availability Salvation Army Treatment Centers are available nationwide. You can check the local telephone directories or ask the Adult Rehabilitation Centers intake office for more queries. A website is also available for the list of treatment centers and the programs offered. Treatment does not need to be costly. There are ways to acquire the freedom from alcohol or drug addiction in your reach. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: