Sage Hungary, SMG reference line or unbeaten home court.-chompoo araya

Sage: Hungary, SMG, reference line together or SMG 012 unbeaten home court sage VS Switzerland Hungary let wins the October 8th Beijing time on Saturday at 2:45 in the morning, the World Cup European zone qualifying the second round of group B will be a competition in Budapest, Hungary against the Swiss home court. Hungary is currently the world’s 913 points in the standings FIFA ranked in the first place, Switzerland,, ranked the top 1020 points, the overall strength of the two teams is not much difference between the sixteenth. This year’s European Cup in Hungary, is not optimistic about the situation well, first group phase 2 goals against Austria after the draw with Iceland and Portugal group reached 16, while in the first knockout round defeat to Belgium, but the team tough style and tenacious spirit impressed us, difficult to qualify the world cup is much larger than the European Cup, Portugal and Switzerland are the favourites to qualify. The team’s disappointing performance in the group phase in the first round of the offensive team creativity is obviously insufficient, the defensive line is often countered by threatening opponents, finally actually draw minnows of the Faroe Islands 0-0. The team nearly 4 rounds of the tournament’s 3 consecutive losses of 1 consecutive games, nearly 7 home games, 3 wins and 4 unbeaten, but only a total of 3 goals. In Switzerland, the European Cup outstanding overall performance, only because of bad luck penalty lost to Poland missed the top 8, showing first-class teams strength. The first round of World Cup team team performance is quite good, the face of the most popular European champions in Portugal play well, the team’s defensive face Portugal bombing, performance is steady, without conceding a goal in attacking Embolo scored individual national team race first ball, Mehta Mehdi scored a goal to seal the victory, the final 2-0 will rival cut the horse, making a solid foundation for the group stages. The team nearly 6 round 3 wins 3 games unbeaten, and only 3 goals, nearly 7 European away only lost to England. The visiting team in the strength and status are slightly dominant under the condition of the disc by 1.02 out of 0.80 Macao chupan Pingban, the company also opened basically the same handicap level, high level of hanging wall show that the company seems to be the state and capacity at scruples, note by the current Macao 0.84 by 0.98 other companies have even half. Just a slight fluctuation, the hanging wall remained at a high level, the first for the 3.10 3.10 2.38 day Libo, 3.30 3.10 2.30 instant slightly lifted slightly pull his guest, is basically consistent with the disk, the guest is difficult to play, optional main wins.相关的主题文章: