Reverse driving caused by blocking the road for half an hour the female owner detained 7 days in Bei g227

Reverse driving caused by blocking the road for half an hour the female owner detained 7 days – Beijing Jinling Evening News (correspondent Pu Xuan reporter Xu Ning) recently, in Nanjing Pukou new City North Bridge Road exit on the road, a woman surnamed Wang (a pseudonym) driving a white car illegal anti road reverse driving, leading to the normal dozens of cars running blocked, unable to move around the road was backed up by half an hour. According to the scene was the main reflection of the traffic jam, when Wang drove into the streets of Pukou, Taishan, a commercial district where the road is already anti road travel. To tens of meters away, to the car in front, Wang was unable to move forward, stop. At this time, more and more vehicles are coming, the owners have reminded Wang is retrograde, due to narrow roads, not meeting, ask her to go back, but Wang was rejected. Wang said he was coming along with the mobile phone navigation, navigation is formal, she followed the opening will not be wrong, and insist on not reversing. In this way, dozens of cars by Wang a car stopped, not retreat. Near a security guard also confirmed to reporters, when Wang refused to reverse, if Wang pulled out, can go from the side of another road, but I do not know why, Wang did not listen to advice from other owners, but the mood is very excited, who caught persuasion who scolded. In desperation, the owner was blocked by the police. After the police to the scene, but also to persuade Wang, but Wang did not lead the police’s feelings, leading to more and more people watching the scene. After the police on the warning Wang, Wang began to ignore the crowd after the crowd, forced to reverse, and rushed forward, hit the road in front of the teeth, the scene was almost out of control. In order to avoid accidents around the crowd, the police tried to open the door will be forced to control the king, but it does not obey the management, driving pull the police led to an arm injury, after Wang was taken to the police station and control. Currently, Wang has been the public security organs to interfere with public order administrative detention for 7 days.相关的主题文章: