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Cooking-Tips When you are planning for a gala dinner while dining out with friends and family then you should always opt for an authentic Indian restaurant London as you would get wide varieties of delicacies to savour on. Gourmet Indian food has a wide range in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and if you are planning for a party then it is best that you should always opt for non-vegetarian dishes to further spice up the dinner party. When you dine in an authentic Indian restaurant London you would get a wide variety of non-vegetarian dishes to savour on right from starters till the main-course. To get the real taste of gourmet Indian food it is important that you choose an authentic Indian restaurant London. When you are choosing a restaurant for non-vegetarian dishes you should make sure that your ingredients are fresh and spices used are also authentic Indian spices. If you are meat and fish lover then Indian non-vegetarian fare is the best cuisine for you. The variety of dishes and their style of cooking varies and a meat can be prepared in thousands styles in gourmet Indian food. For starters you can have chicken or lamb samosas and chicken or lamb tikka roll. For the main-course there are wide varieties of curries like chicken tikka masala, chicken madras, lamb rogan josh, prawn malai curry, karahi chicken and many more such delicious food. There are also wide variety of breads and rice items that you can choose from like tandoori roti, garlic naan, vegeatbale pulao or plain rice. Only an authentic Indian restaurant London will be able to provide you with such a wide variety. An Indian restaurant London will cook all your dishes the very authentic way using the most traditional method to impart that wonderful flavour and aroma. To make your experience more worthwhile and fun filled. Dinning out should always be fun and worth the money that you spend on food. If the food that you are dining on is not good then you would spoil the entire evening and the dinner party as well. So it is wise that you choose a good restaurant to dine on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: