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Comments received: Black plunged across the board two meal afternoon rally hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sina Finance News September 7th news, market rumors the government recently plan through the release of advanced capacity to control the rapid rise in coal prices, stimulated by the news today afternoon Black opened down, coking coal, coal three, power coal varieties still fierce decline, steel ore, etc. have tumbled coil. Overnight U.S. economic data than expected, precious metals rose, Shanghai silver led commodity. Soybean meal and rapeseed meal bottomed out in the afternoon a strong rally, the overall strength of chemical species. As at the closing, coke fell 6.38%, coal fell 4.43%, down 3.95%, down 3.72% thread coil, coking coal fell 3.68%, iron ore fell 3.66%, down 1.66%, Shanghai lead glass fell 1.09%; rose, rapeseed rose 2.67%, soybean rose 2.01%, Shanghai Silver Rose 1.89%, Shanghai gold rose 1.45%, rose 1.14%, egg plastic rose 1.07%, soybean rose 1.06%, rubber rose 1.04%. Eisaku Institute analysts believe that Shanghai silver rose due to the market for the Fed rate hike is expected to cool and real silver demand into the season. After entering September, China’s holidays increased, especially in the "eleven long" during the marriage, the concentration of the outbreak, gold and silver jewelry for the rapid growth in demand. In India there is a similar situation, the wedding season begins in October, India will be the Diwali gold and silver demand to the peak. In addition, India as the largest consumer of gold, the main needs of its population from rural areas, after harvest, India farmers tend to buy some of the proceeds of gold as a family asset reserve. Therefore, the market demand for physical silver in Asia is expected to be higher, which is expected to push up the price of silver. Rebar weak finishing short-term there is still repeated in September 6th, Fujian Sambo to adjust the prices of some products, in September 1st, Fujian Sambo construction steel price adjustment information for reference, specific adjustments as follows: high HPB300 (diameter 8-10mm) prices stable, the high price is $2920 tons, 6.5mm tons increase 50 yuan. The three rebar prices stable, the price is $2850 with 16-25mmHRB400E tons. The above is the factory tax price, the price since September 6, 2016. Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission, said, according to the province (Hubei, the same below) to the steel production capacity, this year can resolve the excess iron and steel production capacity of 3 million 380 thousand tons, over time to complete the tasks assigned by the state. The price of steel spot price is stable, but the overhaul steel began to resume production, new production resources have begun to enter the market, short-term market is still repeated. Key coal enterprises of "advanced production release" soaring coal prices hit the Zhengbao quoted on相关的主题文章: