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Stock answer: wu2198 and Li Zhengjin online FAQ sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to guide Sina app live online financial function! At present, Siu Ming Tsui, wu2198, Li Zhengjin and other hundred famous bloggers have been settled, hunters bedding? Sell stocks on the whirlwind? Haven’t you ever caught a monster stock? This is not a matter, with a master of one to one guidance, what are you afraid of? We will invite bloggers to answer questions for you every day. The famous blogger wu2198 and Li Zhengjin will give you an online question and answer question. When will they buy and sell? Which stocks should we buy? Want to know, come to sina finance APP face to face with them ask questions. Sina app download mengchuo [introduction] main broadcast wu2198, sina finance Hot Blog, the world’s biggest hits stocks of farmers. [broadcast owners] Li Zhengjin, independent investors, independent financial contributor, sina finance exclusive signing of well-known bloggers. The original "a symbol of war in ancient China theory system, the original" short-term hunt "stock indexes and stock market analysis in advance, the average cycle and trend of precision support and resistance, confirm the point of sale. In the premise of technical support, respect the policy guidance, combined with the main flow of funds, catch Niugu start point, go ahead of the main force. The fans’ questions, do answer. Time: February 25, 2016 participation mode: Download Sina Finance app, click the view, choose wu2198, Li Zhengjin live broadcast home broadcast home owners, sina finance APP capital market cold winter? No problem!!! We have Sina Finance app holding together to warm up!!! Experts hot recruit, your level is high enough to contact me QQ:393642524. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

个股答疑:wu2198和李正金在线解惑 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   新浪财经app直播功能上线了!目前徐小明、wu2198、李正金等近百位知名博主已经入驻,抄底被套?卖股就飙?没抓到过妖股?这都不是事,有了博主一对一的指导你还怕什么?   我们会邀请博主每天为大家答疑解惑,知名博主wu2198、李正金为您在线答疑,何时买卖?该买哪些股呢?想知道就来新浪财经APP与他们面对面的提问吧。新浪财经app下载猛戳   【播主介绍】wu2198,新浪财经名博,全球最大点击量的炒股农民。   【播主介绍】李正金,独立投资人,独立财经撰稿人,新浪财经独家签约知名博主。独创“金戈铁马”理论体系,独创“短线猎杀”选股指标,提前分析大盘及个股各周期均线及趋势精准支撑与阻力,确认买卖点。在技术面支持的前提下,尊重政策导向,结合主力资金流向,抓牛股启动点,走在主力前面。对粉丝的提问,做到有问必答。   时间:2016年2月25日   参与方式:下载新浪财经app,点击观点,选择wu2198、李正金直播室 直播首页 直播的博主 新浪财经APP   资本市场寒冬到了?没关系!!!我们有新浪财经app抱团取暖!!!   专家坐堂火热招募中,您的水平够高就赶紧联系我吧QQ:393642524。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: