People’s daily focus on Tourism in Shandong hospitable Shandong rang louder and better hyuna

People’s daily focus on Tourism in Shandong: "hospitality Shandong" made a good news newspaper Ji’nan, September (reporter Liu Chengyou) "hospitality Shandong" can be described as fame outside. 9 years ago began to promote the brand image of the Shandong tourism, with the fire of tourism, stimulating consumption. In 2015, Shandong received 660 million tourists at home and abroad, ranking the country’s total tourism spending exceeded $700 billion, accounting for second of the province’s service sector added value of 14. "Hospitable Shandong" is not only loud, but also good. Shandong in recent years, efforts to improve the tourism environment, improve the tourism facilities, tourism, hospitality and create a civilized civilization atmosphere, in efforts to improve the quality of tourism services. Everywhere is a tourist environment, everyone is a tourist image." In the view of the development of tourism in Shandong province committee director Yu Fenggui, the free exercise of the individual and self driving tour booming, accounting for about 90% of visitors to Shandong. This "global travel" to the management and services beyond the category of scenic spots, the entire area requirements do neat and orderly, standardized management, service standards. Good tourism environment, tourism market order is good. Shandong carry out concentrated rectification actions to crack down on the "black" "black" "black" and forced consumption, illegal business behavior. City to establish a government led, multi sectoral joint tourism complaints unified acceptance model. In the first half of this year, all levels of tourism quality supervision law enforcement agencies received a total of 258 tourist complaints, for tourists to recover economic losses of $480 thousand; cancel the hotel star 84, a deadline for rectification of the 5. Shandong clear, scenic spots, gas stations, shopping malls and other places of the 8 places into the unified management of the tourism sector, and co-ordinate the provincial capital of 120 million yuan for the construction of the tourism toilet award. At the end of June this year, the province completed 23434 tourism toilets, built in 4408 tourism toilets. Good tourism environment, the need for multi sectoral coordination linkage, together with force. Shandong to carry out the "civilized tourism and hospitality civilization" the theme of the activities of the organization in the province of Shandong Province, to promote the implementation of "civilized tourism 100" Shandong province "civilization hospitality 100". For comprehensive coordination, strengthen the tourism department in charge of the management and service function, the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau recently officially renamed the Committee for development of tourism in Shandong province. In the industry view, which is conducive to the construction of a new pattern of "comprehensive industrial comprehensive grasp", accelerate the construction of tourism province. In the first half of this year, Shandong tourism investment 83 billion 160 million yuan, an increase of 27.2%; domestic and foreign tourists received a total of 310 million passengers, an increase of 8.5%. Total tourism consumption is expected to exceed 800 billion yuan. "People’s Daily" (09 2016, 09 edition, 19)相关的主题文章: