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Home-Appliances The Pocket Edition Sony Electronic Book Reader will hold up to 350 books at any one time, and you read from three different text sizes on the five inch display. This electronic reading device will read several of the most .mon formats, including Word and PDF. The Sony also .es with a 512MB memory, which makes choosing which book you want to take with you on your next vacation very simple – because you can take them all, and decide when you get there. As the name suggests, it fits right in your pocket when you are on the go. Because this device supports multiple standard formats, you have a wide choice of books and electronic libraries which you can access, which include Sony’s electronic book store and over half a million free titles at Google. Access an array of online aggregators, and personal publishers. Reading in bright daylight is now easy with this new technology screen, and Eink which is huge benefit of this small but sheek reading device. Software is required with a PC. The next review is of the Augen Seven Inch Electronic Reader, which will read your book or passages to you with text to speech technology. This Wi-Fi capable electronic reader will surf the web, on a TFT screen and will hold up to 1400 ebooks. You can also watch MP4 videos and play MP3 music on this device, downloading books in all the standard formats. Barnes and Noble have a Digital Ebook Reader, which makes use of free AT&T hotspots with the built in Wi-Fi. With a book capacity of 1500, you can read from this Ebook reader device in bright daylight. And in just a matter of seconds, you can download and be reading new books. This Ereader device has a color touch screen, Eink display and delivers crisp sharp text for you to easily read without glare or the use of backlight. Text size varies to your choice of five settings. The Amazon Kindle reading device (latest generation) is a recent addition to the growing market of Ebook readers. The Wi-Fi standard version has a six inch display, and also has a 3G version of that model which is only slightly more expensive and there is also a larger version, called the DX. This ereader has an abundance of features and is in fact Amazon’s best seller for the last couple of years. The six inch version is a handy pocket size reader, and has a 3G version which makes it incredibly versatile. The Kindle will hold up to 3500 books, which you can read on the probably the best contrast display available among its .petitors. This device has been designed for its user to hold it in one hand, and for long periods, because it has been upgraded to be smaller and lighter than its predesceors. The page turning on this new breed is also 20% faster and has been made quieter, making nighttime reading easy – no more waking your wife or husband if they are sound asleep! The DX version has a nine ink screen, 3G built in technology and suits reading newspapers and magazines more than the six inch Kindle. This device has the same 3500 book storage capacity, and still has a very slim design at just over a third of an inch. There are many more features of the new Amazon Kindle Electronic readers, which you can find detailed on our website. About the Author: By: sinuse – To guarantee that you have the best security every snippet of reliably all Burglar And Fire Alarm Services Indianapolis is associated with our focal checking station is which are UL Listed and Five Diamond Certified. By: ParthaG – You get the ideal collection of Vintage mbler in affordable rate. Also the craftsman engaged to generate it are well experienced to supply the greatest. The budget will be.e in your limit. 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