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In 2016 the global university graduates employment competitiveness ranking – Sohu British education "times higher education" 16 released 2016 global university graduates employment competitiveness rankings, the California Institute of Technology ranked first instead of Harvard University. China’s top 14 universities ranked among the top 150. On the list, the Chinese universities, Hong Kong University Science & Technology ranked thirteenth in the world, Asia, Peking University ranked the world’s top seventeenth, Asia,, Fudan University, ranked the world’s thirty-seventh place in the world. In addition, one of the world’s 150 strong Chinese universities including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tsinghua University, Taiwan University of science and technology, University of Hong Kong, Chinese University Hong Kong, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, National Taiwan University, University of Science and Technology of China, City University Hong Kong and National Tsinghua University. According to reports, Emerging company in more than and 20 countries around the world, the company’s 2500 human resources managers and managers of the online survey, to ask them what is the most valuable skills in recruiting graduates. Each company has 5000 or more employees, and the annual recruitment of more than 50 graduates. According to the survey, good communication skills and adaptability is the key to recruiting college graduates. According to the 2016 "global university employment list, ranked among the top 10 universities: California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, Yale University, University of Oxford, Technical University of Munich, Princeton University, University of Tokyo. According to the report, the company believes that college students’ personal experience, professional ability, foreign language ability, extracurricular activities are important factors. The company believes that employability (employability) is the ability to work and attitude, the ability to prepare for the job, the ability to find a job, etc.. At the same time, in the country which graduates are most suitable for employment, the company tends to the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, China, France, Australia, India, etc.. "Times higher education" world university ranking editor Battie (Phil Baty) said, this list is to make the students understand what the University meets the needs of global enterprise, "in this global political unrest, young students experienced a British exit and Trump (Donald Trump) was elected president of the United states. A lot of students are looking for a big university. This list allows them to understand the university they need."相关的主题文章:

Do not be disturbed, the child grew up luxury – Sohu maternal and child-freyja

Don’t be disturbed, the child grew up in luxury – Sohu mother and son some time ago and a friend chat, he said he felt now children, very happy, also very poor. Happiness is that there are better material conditions and more attention. The pity is that most of the children are now in the middle of a child with six adults (parents, grandparents, grandparents). Often subject to several different adults, the interference information turns different. Not to be disturbed, has become a luxury children grow up. (01) not to be disturbed, children grow up luxury last weekend we have a family of three to go shopping, you see a children’s painting area, where you can let the children to paint, also convenient shopping with children’s parents can sit down and rest for a while. The staff will send the children a few painting paper, there are some public watercolor pen can be used freely, Min Min also sat down and began to paint seriously. Sitting next to the family, a family with five children out to play, their children are drawing next to. At first I didn’t notice it, and then I found out that the child would cry a few times, and I began to notice what happened to them. When the child was drawing, his family was constantly disturbing him. It’s not like this! What color should this be! Why don’t you concentrate on it? When painting, you concentrate on painting! What are you doing here?! The child cried the most sad one, is the child’s grandfather, the child brush grabbed the child’s picture in the paper coated with their favorite color, grandpa told the child, "this should be so drawn, you know?" The child cried and wanted to take his brush, the child’s parents also took the child’s hand to tell the child, grandpa is teaching you to draw. No one cares about the child’s feelings. During the period, the child’s grandmother also repeatedly interrupt the child, let the children see other children’s graffiti, "you see, my sister drew well, sister more beautiful, you have such a draw…". The child’s eyes had not on paper, but with the parents constantly interrupting and distracted. You put their paper pasted, and she happily prepared to share her work with us. Beside the little boy’s grandmother, suddenly the Min drawing paper took in the past, and then continue to the child said, "you see my sister’s paintings, you draw so……." Min Min originally wanted to take her work to share with us, was suddenly taken away by others, there is no consent, Min Min to the little boy’s grandmother shouted, and returned to me, this is my! However, the little boy’s grandmother did not hear. She also said to his grandson constantly, how to draw? I could not help but stand up, and he said please do not disturb, please put the paper back to us. I said two times, the old man still did not hear, she was completely immersed in their own world. Finally, the child’s mother said, quickly put things back to others, how can you take someone else’s stuff! The old man was a little embarrassed, but in an instant相关的主题文章:

The Geneva auto show the first Audi RS5 road test spy photos (video)-yuria

The Geneva auto show the first Audi RS5 road test spy photos captured overseas media are testing a new generation of Audi RS5 in the vicinity of new Berlin track day before (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), although with a lot of camouflage, but has been able to see the new S5 and A5 and the difference between. It is reported that the new car may be at the March 2017 Geneva auto show. 1 appearance and a new generation of A5 is basically the same, but before and after the bar and exhaust and other details of the design more aggressive. 2 interior or follow the old RS series style, namely the application of Alcantara 3 will be equipped with a maximum power of 336kW (450Ps) 3.0T V6 engine, 4 seconds Pobai Audi RS5 high performance robust sense of the operation of the media had previously taken a S5 road test of the new generation of RS5, though the appearance of roughly the same, but this is the first time the media photos should be photographed the car of a new generation of RS5. Although dressed in camouflage, but we can still find greater than S5 and the inlet at the front, the front bumper is more wide; the tail also has the distinction of flat opening bilateral double exhaust and a diversion effect after the lip is a new generation of A5 not found. Before the exposure of the shell test of a new generation of Audi RS5 power or prior information, a new generation of Audi RS5 will use a maximum output power of 336kW (450Ps) 4.2L V8 engine 3.0T V6 twin turbo engine to replace the current model, the 0-100km h and is expected to speed the result is 4 seconds about.相关的主题文章:

SMG Barcelona won the strong trend of Manchester City’s Qi Zoukai-mia farrow

SMG: Manchester Barcelona won the strong trend of guest Qi triumph SMG trend Tuesday 002   Basel VS Paris Saint Germain game time: 2016-1102 03:45 recommendation: negative   Score: 0-2, 1-2 2-0 in Basel on the weekend at the grasshopper, eleventh victory made 13 League, 12 points continue to large advantage lead, midfielder Delgado scored two. Paris Saint Germain Ligue 1 last weekend at the 1-0 victory over Lille, get fifth wins in 6 games, the center who scored the only goal of the season, 13 appearances, scoring 14 goals, has been injured midfielder Pastoret is still in recovery for more than a month, the week will continue to sit on the sidelines. Basel 12 times in the past on the face of the French team 4 wins 4 flat 4 negative, although 4 home court wins 2 flat 1 negative results and Paris dominated, but the gap is too large, Paris can draw away ahead of qualifying, if steady, high chance of victory. On Tuesday 003     VS; Lou Drogo Meret A Senna game time: 2016-1102 03:45 recommendation: negative score: 0-3,   0-2 Lou Drogo Meret over the weekend trip to 5-3 beat underdog Danube domestic game, 9 game winning streak, game scored 3 goals, striker Lu Coser’s hat trick, the last 3 games and scored 7 goals. Arsenal last weekend guest 4-1 victory over Sang Delan, nearly 8 Round 7 wins and 1 draws, continue with the inferior goal difference after leaders Manchester City winger Walcott and left back Mengleiyaeryin injury in the Chamberlain and Gibbs, but the injury is not serious, the field is expected to return, midfielder Ramsey and Giroux in front on the weekend back to enter the list Giroux bench also scored two of the accomplishment, Sanchez also scored two goals, and striker Verbeke continued absence of defender per mertesacker. The huge difference in strength between the two sides, Arsenal win should be no suspense. On Tuesday 006   Manchester city VS Barcelona game time: 2016-1102 03:45 recommended: Sheng, negative score: 2-1,   1-2 Manchester City last weekend trip to 4-0 across the West Bromwich, over 6 matches, to continue leading the Premier League on goal difference, Aguero striker, midfielder gundogan also scored two degrees, no accident if the first leg against Barcelona Aguero’s replacement should be returned to the lineup, Captain Kompani and midfielder de Blau Hei round goalkeeper Bravo holiday, the first leg of the red card, the game will be suspended. Barcelona weekend home court 1-0 victory over Granada, 3 league wins, with 2 points ranked second to disadvantage, MSN misfiring, young Rafinha with only goal, Iniesta, Alba and Pikeyin injured defender Mathieu, Busquets holiday, the game suspension. The first round of the 4-0 can not represent the real gap between the two sides, Manchester City Promotion pressure is not small, there is a rebound in home games, the first look at the outcome. Tuesday 008    .相关的主题文章:

Housing prices listed refinancing audit tighter housing prices to adapt – Sohu Finance-www.70qq.cn

Housing prices listed refinancing audit tighter housing prices to "adapt" – Sohu financial listed housing prices refinancing policy environment is quietly changing. 9, Shimao shares announced its 6 billion 700 million non-public offering application was rejected by the Commission, further intensified industry of listed housing prices refinancing overall tightening speculation. According Zhengbao reporter statistics, in the past as housing prices set by the standard option to repay bank loans and supplement working capital, in the past more than 2 months has frequently been the Commission detailed questioning, CAC group was not directly or even individual case. The resulting change is that there are a lot of housing prices in the near future refinancing program to do downsizing – cancel the loan, complement the flow and other projects, the new plan will also increase the amount of exposure to avoid such projects. This is a series of changes in the housing prices refinancing audit tighter. "At the end of July, the Commission held a sponsor special training session, has proposed to raise funds through the refinancing of housing prices is not allowed to take and repayment of bank loans, but in fact the audit were stronger than expected." An investment bank reporter lamented. "Loan" was strictly according to the latest (August 29, 2016 -2016 September 2nd) refinancing feedback, the Commission issued Supervision Department of Taihe Group, Sheng Wang technology and other 6 listed companies refinancing were reviewed. The feedback fourth thaihot group pointed out: "the Fund – raising intends to use 2 billion 800 million yuan for the repayment of loans from financial institutions, the matter does not comply with the relevant provisions, please adjust." CAC group is a company engaged in residential and commercial real estate development, financial securities, chemical, pharmaceutical and other areas of the business diversification of the company, 98% of its revenue from real estate. According to the financing plan of the company previously disclosed, to be not less than 18.2 yuan price of shares to the controlling shareholder of Taihe investment specific non-public offering of not more than 538 million shares, raising not more than 9 billion 800 million yuan, which are mostly used in Beijing Changping Nan Shao and other real estate projects, the remaining 2 billion 800 million yuan for the repayment of loans from financial institutions. CAC group is not alone. Reporter query for nearly 2 months listed housing prices refinancing feedback found in earlier period (July 25, 2016 -2016 July 29th) the refinancing of feedback, the issue of supervision of the Ministry of housing prices in the City vote to raise funds for the "loan" project carried out a detailed inquiry. Transit city voted feedback shows: according to the application materials, the applicant intends to use the funds raised 2 billion 900 million yuan to repay bank loans and other interest bearing liabilities. At the end of 2015, 1 billion 165 million 200 thousand yuan of deposit applicants in money funds have been pledged, the current liabilities amounted to 11 billion 103 million 960 thousand yuan of payment in advance. The previous 2 billion 980 million yuan to raise funds in place in December 31, 2015, and all used to repay bank loans and interest bearing liabilities." Thus, the Commission will require the applicant to provide details of the repayment interest (the borrower, loan amount, period and usage etc.); at the same time, combined with the previous business nature, the certificate of deposit pledge to raise funds to repay bank loans and interest rates are negative.相关的主题文章: