Oscar signed a new agreement ABC TV will be broadcast until 2028 ddrtys

Oscar signed a new agreement, ABC will broadcast in 2028 to "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on August 31st (author: Georg Szalai) ABC TV will have the right to broadcast the Oscar ceremony until 2028, local time on Wednesday (August 31st), television and film art and Science College in ABC jointly announced the news. The original contract expires in 2020, the financial details of the new contract is not open. "This year’s Oscar awards are the highest performance of the year, and we are very proud of the successful cooperation with ABC tv." The film academy President Cheryl · Boone · Isaacs said in a statement: "by 2028, we will usher in the 100 anniversary of the birth of Oscar, ABC is our best partner with the audience to celebrate this fantastic moment." Boone · Isaacs then said: "I thank Jim · on behalf of the film academy; GIANO ProLogis, thank the film school treasurer and chairman of the finance committee, thanked Disney and the ABC · Sherwood, thank them for achieve this cooperation for their efforts." Disney media television network co chairman and chairman of the · Disney ABC television group; Sherwood said: "in the Oscar awards ceremony held after more than 50 times, ABC television has become the most prestigious Hollywood, the most glamorous evening home, with a new protocol, ABC TV will be very proud of the company the Oscar Awards ceremony, until 2028." ABC Entertainment Group Chairman Qian Ning · Deng Ji said: "we are very pleased to continue to call the Oscar ABC television as" family ", the ceremony is a very important part in our radio program, we look forward to continued cooperation with the film academy, and strive to continue to play a full range, multi platform, have most of the movie star industry celebration." The film academy CEO dawn · Hodson said: "the film institute and the ABC cooperation is one of the most long-term cooperation in Hollywood, whether or ABC television film school, have a high demand of the standard, ABC has proven that they can help us build a great ceremony full of passion to the audience all over the world, we imagine no more trustworthy than ABC partners." The eighty-ninth Oscar awards will be held on the evening of February 26, 2017. (Translation: Dudu) Tencent news client mobile phone new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: