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Only buy buy buy life is the antidote to Sohu in the upcoming broadcast of the latest issue of "goodbye" meat, meat stars were amazed to find that the Moon Bay was sealed up! According to hearsay reports, yuebanwan ended up in this field, because the boss and staff too love buy buy buy, finally only sell off! Finally, you get comfortable in Wanli half life of meat, had to squeeze a bus, began to make a life for himself… Although not necessarily reliable hearsay, but buy buy buy, has become the three words around the past in our modern life. 1 what to buy? The answer is different for everyone. The world so much good stuff, not every one has enough reason to empty your wallet. Take a lot of girls, but the problem is again good answer: nail polish: red nail polish nail polish green different, different, different bright nail polish…… (pictures from the network). All kinds of cream: wrinkle cream, speckle cream, face cream to prevent colds, radiation proof cream pineapple; Hand Cream, strawberry cream, braised fish with hand cream, tomato scrambled eggs taste hand cream……… (picture from the network). All kinds of clothes and hats shoes: discount, do not discount, new and old. Suitable, not appropriate. (pictures from the network) the author’s girlfriend often come out before the three lipstick, let me choose which one is more appropriate. In the same way, she has more than N lipstick, some super red, some are a bit red, some are not too red, some with a little blue. (pictures from the network) in the eyes of the author, these lipstick are only "red". Similarly, the other to the body with something, I believe a lot and I like being more willing to be all classified as: "dominated by white liquid or paste with fragrance". The author, even in the case of a large number of double eleven excessive consumption, still buy these things: Yes, everyone is not the same choice and answer. There is a poem "buy the song", this phenomenon is described in detail: buy a student to buy books, buy the green SLR trendsetter to buy new clothes, Indoorsman buyers do chowhound buy snacks, buy big chain payment cool earthshaking, want to forget words have been identified in 2, why buy? Why buy? This problem has been bothering us. The easier it is, the harder it becomes. I believe that in the moment we pay, we must not be dominated by reason. Steam is an international game platform, I have a friend, he is in the Steam purchase game list (left red box): the first time I saw his list of games, I asked him: "you are the customs?" "Of course not, have not played more than 40% of the total" "why don’t you play?" "There’s no time to play." "why do you want to pay for it?"" "There are a lot of discounts, some because it looks fun, a lot of things on the list, it’s cool.""相关的主题文章: